Wretcher's Blade
Wretcher's Blade
Weapon Information
Type Cutlass
Damage 75
Base Value 16500
Augmentations Evil Triumphs
Acquisition Knothole Island
Rating 4stars

Wretcher's Blade is an evil-oriented legendary cutlass that can only be found on Knothole Island in the Fable II DLC of the same name. It can be found in the Box of Secrets shop which is owned by Jessica. The weapon deals greater damage on lawful beings such as guards and citizens.


Eva Wretcher was renowned for her vicious nature and ferocity in combat. Obsessed more with her reputation than gold or power, she traveled the world in search of new challenges. More often than not, these involved decapitating scores of innocents.


It can be acquired by trading in three Crunchy Chicks at the Box of Secrets.


  • Wretcher's Blade is useful for slaying citizens and guards, as the augment allows you to do greater damage to lawful characters.
  • Though classified as a Cutlass it is actually a Falcata, an Iberian sword of pre-Roman origin capable of delivering a blow with the momentum of an axe, while maintaining the cutting edge of a sword.
  • It is the one of the strongest possible weapons to get early on in the game, available right at the start.
  • It is the opposite of the Judge's Steel, which does less damage compared to the Wretcher's Blade but will deal greater damage to evil enemies, cause less damage to good and will make you more resistant to scarring.
  • When equipped, this weapon has a negative effect on your morality.


  • On the weapon, there is a smaller blade near the hilt, which could be referring to the description of the weapon which says that it was used for "decapitating scores of innocents." However the blade shape is similar to that of a Nepalese Kukri or Gurkha knife, these also sport a small spike near the base of the blade (though much smaller) for the tradition that once a Kukri is unsheathed it must taste blood before being re-sheathed.
  • Eva Wretcher came to Knothole Island to test herself on the three weather shrines, killing half the village along the way. She did not make it out of the last one.
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