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Fable II Region
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Location Information
Related Quests Stranded
Returning the Dark Seal
Evil in Wraithmarsh
Love Hurts
The Archaeologist
Enemies Balverines
Hollow Men
Exits Bloodstone
Dungeons The Well
Shadow Court

Twinblade's Tomb

"This used to be Oakvale, though it has changed radically since I saw it last. And that was a long time ago. It has seen many a cruel deed. "
— Theresa

Wraithmarsh is a location in Fable II. It is an eerie and cursed swampland infested with creatures such as Banshees, Balverines, and Hollow Men.

Wraithmarsh surrounds the nearby town of Bloodstone on three sides while the ocean surrounds the fourth side. It is accessible via the Cullis Gate at Brightwood Tower. However, the Cullis Gate is inactive until the Hero of Bowerstone recruits Garth. After activating the Cullis Gate, the Hero has to survive Wraithmarsh to make it to Bloodstone, and seek out Reaver. The roads in Wraithmarsh have nearly vanished, causing Bloodstone to be isolated from the rest of Albion



Wraithmarsh was once the lush and quiet farm village Oakvale, hometown to Theresa and The Hero of Oakvale. 500 years before the events of Fable II, Jack of Blades razed Oakvale to locate the Sword of Aeons. The survivors eventually rebuilt the village and their lives, but the village was destroyed a second and final time.

200 years prior to Fable II, a reckless young man accepted the "gift" of eternal youth from the Shadow Court. Not knowing the Shadow Judges required the sacrifice of every citizen of Oakvale, including his loved ones, the man accepted. The Shadow Court destroyed Oakvale and slaughtered everyone in the village. The horrified man described this event as a "dark circus of screams". From this point forward, the Shadow Court required the man to submit one sacrifice every so often so he would remain immortal.

Over time, the nearby marshes engulfed the vacant village and the vegetation overgrew. Banshees and Hollow Men took hold in the region, making it one of the most dangerous places in Albion. The Shadow Court came to reside in a strange complex in the center of Wraithmarsh.


Wraithmarsh is an eerie swampland infested with Hollow Men and Banshees, although a Balverine and a Troll make an appearance.

Near the Cullis Gate is the Demon Door in this region.

Upon traveling past the windmills and drowned buildings at the start of the area, the Hero of Bowerstone will encounter "The Drowned Farm", a small farming area that used to be part of Barrow Fields but has since seen better days. In this area is a Banshee that the Hero must defeat in order to proceed.

Upon going past the Drowned Farm, the Hero will encounter the famous Oakvale Bridge. Theresa will then tell the Hero some lore about Oakvale from Fable I and TLC. To the left of the hill before Oakvale Bridge is the Shadow Court which serves no purpose upon first entering Wraithmarsh but is required later to obtain The Hero of Skill.

Further past the bridge are some stone pillars and stairs leading to an old swampy graveyard. Past that graveyard is an abandoned stall that somehow survived the marsh. This area also is where another Banshee is encountered on the Hero's first visit and must be killed in order to make it to Bloodstone.

After that fight, the Hero will encounter a troll which can be bypassed on a branching path. The lower path leads to Twinblade's Tomb while the upper path leads to Bloodstone. Upon going on the upper path, the Hero enters an area that is gated off; the first gate can be opened easily. As soon as the Hero enters the gate, a bunch of Hollow Men will spawn. At this point there are two gates, one in front of the Hero, and the other to the right of the Hero. The gate on the right will lead the Hero to a 20 Silver Key chest; however, the gate is locked until the Hero goes to Bloodstone.

​​​​​The gate in front of the Hero leads to a crypt that leads him/her into Bloodstone.



The Hero of Bowerstone must travel through Wraithmarsh to reach the Hero of Skill in Bloodstone. After the Brightwood Tower Cullis Gate malfunctions, the Hero and their dog separate from Hammer and Garth. The blast from the Cullis Gate temporarily knocks out the Hero. When the Hero awakens, they find themself captured and locked in a cage by Old Gregg. The Hero's dog takes the cage key off the old man's corpse after a banshee kills him. Theresa guides the Hero through Wraithmarsh, though it is difficult to give her instructions due to the unnatural fog dampening the Guild Seal. Once in Bloodstone, Reaver instructs the Hero to take his Dark Seal back to Wraithmarsh and deliver it to the Shadow Court.

Law and Economy[]

Due to the hostility of the region, there are no traders, shops, or inhabitable buildings. There is no Albion Guard presence.

Demon Door[]

Terry Cotter's Army: There is a Demon Door found across the stone bridge (near the area where you first visit Wraithmarsh). To get inside, you need 10 followers to watch the Demon Door's play.

Inside, you will find a house. Move through the front door and out through the back to find Terry Cotter's Army. Head to the back of the room to find a chest containing The Perforator.

This is likely the same Demon Door that appeared in Barrow Fields as the location to it and the Cullis Gate are accurate to their locations in Fable I.

Points of Interest[]

There are seven Silver Keys and six Gargoyles associated with Wraithmarsh. There is one Gargoyle and three silver keys that you cannot access until you partake in the Love Hurts quest, because they are located in Twinblade's Tomb.


  • Gargoyle One is inside the dilapidated house just behind the cage you wake up in. He is right on the wall as you enter the house.
  • Gargoyle Two is on the west side of the carriage house, just before you go into the second part of Oakvale.
  • Gargoyle Three: Across from the Shadow Court, there is a path going up which leads to a wooden bridge. Follow this path and you'll come across some pillars that have seen better days. Go up the stairs that the path leads to. At the top of the stairs, you can get a clear shot of this Gargoyle; he is on the backside of one of the pillars.
  • Gargoyle Four: After the fog-filled graveyard, you are running on a path through some tombs. Right before you go under the bridge, there is one on the side of one of these tombs. Go to the bridge and turn around; it is on the tomb on the right.
  • Gargoyle Five is inside the Shadow Court in the hallway where the spikes come up through the floor. It is above the doorway inside this hallway.
  • Gargoyle Six can be found in the main chamber of Twinblade's Tomb. After you enter the chamber, the Gargoyle is located above the doorway inside.

Silver Keys[]

  • Silver Key One: When you pass the carriage building into the second part of Oakvale, the first house on the left has a key inside. Go in and go upstairs; the key is on the second floor.
  • Silver Key Two is on the left when you enter the wide-open cemetery that is covered with fog.
  • Silver Key Three is down a side path just past the second Banshee. The path to Bloodstone crosses a porch of a ruined building and the side path to this key is just before this building on the right.
  • Silver Key Four is located in the Shadow Court, in the chamber just past the hallway with the spikes coming out of the floor. Break a wall in the far left corner of this room to reveal a hallway leading to this key.
  • Silver Key Five can be found in Twinblade's Tomb's main chamber; it is to the right of the sarcophagus and to the left of the coffin that holds Lady Grey's upper body.
  • Silver Key Six can be found in the same room as Key Five; it is inside the sarcophagus, just to the left of the first key and directly in front of where the Gargoyle was situated.
  • Silver Key Seven will be directly in front of you when you leave Twinblade's Tomb.
Note: These Gargoyles and Silver Keys are listed as a part of the total in the greater Wraithmarsh area. There are three keys and one Gargoyle that directly correspond to you gaining access to this tomb, but for the greater Wraithmarsh area, there are a total of seven Silver Keys and six Gargoyles.


  • Here lies Rosie. A teddy bear.
  • Brom. Perished in the bandit attack.
  • Here lie the charred remains of an Oakvale villager.
  • The Unknown Trader. Perished in the bandit attack.

Fast Travel[]

There are five fast travel locations in the region.


  • Barrow Fields was also destroyed and is part of Wraithmarsh.
  • It is recommended that you not to bring anyone with you into Wraithmarsh. There are a few spots where you must vault that followers can't get into.
  • There are four noteworthy graves that can be found in Wraithmarsh. The first on the left says "Here Lies Rosie, A Teddy Bear." while the second reads "Brom. Perished in the bandit attack"; these are referencing characters from Fable I. The last two reading "Here lie the charred remains of an Oakvale villager" and "An Unknown trader. Perished in the bandit attack." also refer to Fable I.
  • Wraithmarsh can be accessed via the Cullis Gate at Brightwood Tower. However, the Cullis Gate's counterpart in Wraithmarsh can't be used to go back to Brightwood (and by extension, the rest of Albion). To gain access back to the rest of Albion, use the ship in Bloodstone to reach Westcliff.


  • The background music in Wraithmarsh was released to the public by Lionhead Studios prior to the launch of Fable II. It sounds like a very creepy and distorted version of the Oakvale music from the first game.
  • Walking under the arch bridge will lead you to a foggy area where you can see the tops of the old buildings from Oakvale. However, the game will not let you proceed into the foggy mist where Oakvale once stood.
  • A seventh Silver Key exists in Wraithmarsh even though the logbook indicates six keys. This brings the total number of Silver Keys in the game to 51.
  • Hidden somewhere in Wraithmarsh is Madame Ursula's Home for Little Lost Souls. It's a house with two toyboxes and a few cradles. The Cursed Snowglobe says it was once "Madame Ursula's Little Tykes School".
  • Somewhere in Wraithmarsh, a box of chocolates can be found on the ground. This is possibly a reference to the chocolates the Hero of Oakvale bought for Theresa at the beginning of Fable and Fable: The Lost Chapters.
  • One of the posters on a loading screen in Fable III states that Reaver has given Wraithmarsh an appeal for tourists. This may be his way of collecting sacrifices.
  • Wraithmarsh is visited fairly late in Fable II's single-player story and the first place to feature Elder Hollow Men. The forest shares a border with Deepwood (an area mentioned but not accessible to the Hero), Bloodstone, and the south sea. In Fable III, it is not accessible but there are signs advertising tours around it.
Oakvale from "See the Future"
  • In the Fable II DLC See The Future, the town that is inside the Snowglobe is in fact Oakvale before it was destroyed.