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Enemy Information
Type Animal
Class Ugly, Short
Games Fable III
First Appearance Mistpeak Valley
Related Quests A New Hero
Missing Child
The Wheel of Misfortune (DLC)

Wolves are a type of enemy in Fable III. They are first encountered during the Hero's initial visit to Mistpeak Valley, after leaving the Dweller Camp. They almost always attack in packs, but are relatively weak and can be defeated easily. They range in colour from black to gray, and often have blood dripping from their muzzles. They can usually be found in Mistpeak Valley (including Chillbreath Caverns) and Millfields, and will occasionally spawn with groups of balverines.

Wolves count as ugly enemies and short enemies for the purpose of legendary weapon upgrades.


  • The Understone DLC allows players to revisit Reaver's Wheel of Misfortune, with an added wolf round. Understone also features skeletal wolves that attack using shock spells.
  • Wolves are an excellent choice of enemy for fulfilling legendary weapon challenges, as they are easy to defeat, spawn in large groups, and are present for the majority of the game. They are ideal for completing simpler weapon challenges, such as hitting/killing a certain number of enemies with flourishes, and killing enemies with a specific spell.
  • In the Mercenary Camp, Mercenaries are seen trying to tame wolves in cages.
  • Because of this, when the camp is visited after the fight with Saker, a friendly wolf can be seen in one of the cages.
  • In the quest The Silverpines Curse, available only to owners of the Limited Collector's Edition and PC users, players will encounter Seth, a friendly ghost wolf. Completing this quest also rewards players with Wolfsbane, a legendary sword that is very effective against wolves and balverines.
  • Rarely, balverines will attack and kill wolves when they spawn together.



Fable III Gameplay Combat in the Snow - E3 2010

Fight scene with wolves