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Witchwood Stones
Area of Witchwood
Witchwood Stones (TLC).png
Location Information
Related Quests Find the Archaeologist
Enemies Balverines
NPCs Archaeologist
Exits Witchwood Cullis Gate
Temple of Avo

Witchwood Stones is an area in Witchwood in Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters, and Fable Anniversary.

The magical stones of Witchwood are required to open the Demon Door and complete the quest Find the Archaeologist.

The second time you come through this area there will be two men talking about having nothing to do near where the door was. If you speak with them, and you are evil, a man will run up and tell you that he has a rich merchant cornered and to follow him to beat the guy up and get his gold. He will lead you to the stones where you get ambushed by 10 or more raiders. Or if you are good, the two men will be guards and the runner will tell you that a balverine attacked his wife, with the same result. Killing the Runner before he reaches the stone (tested -74 alignment.-60 on hit and -14 on his death) will result in no ambush.

Map Description[]

The Old Kingdom Stones still hold power.


  • Witchwood Falls seems to be a beta name of Witchwood Stones.[1]
  • Upon completion of TLC, the Temple of Avo entrance is Minion- infested.
  • In the game files for Fable, the Witchwood stones are actually named "Singing Stones".
  • An unused cutscene in the game files of Fable implies that the Witchwood Stones may have originally been a teleportation device.
  • Aside from spelling out the nearby Demon Door's name ("Hits") using the Witchwood Stones, it is possible to trigger an Easter egg by using a different combination of letters.



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