Willstones are the Will-infused stones found within the temples of the Enlightened scattered across Albion and its northern frontier, the Edgelands. These stones can grant incredible Will power to those that find them, but these individuals had to pass through the many trials within the temples first.

Willstones are actually the remains of the Old Kingdom's greatest Three Heroes: Sol, Blaze, and Stone. At the end of the Old Kingdom, when the Tattered Spire was built, the leader of the Corruption, the Corruptor, sent forth its greatest lieutenant, the Crawler, through the rift the Spire opened between Albion and the Void. The Three Heroes travelled to the Spire and combined their powers in a desperate attempt to close the rift and stop the progress of the Crawler. Despite being the Old Kingdom's greatest Heroes, their efforts met with limited success: the Crawler was not killed, only imprisoned within Shadelight dungeon under Aurora. His death would come centuries later at the hands of the Hero of Brightwall. In addition, the destruction of the Spire saw the release of Albion's collected Will energy, which devestated and ultimately destroyed the Old Kingdom. Finally, the explosion killed the Three Heroes, turning them into the Willstones.

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Fifty years after the Hero of Brightwall defeated the Crawler, the Dweller Gabriel travelled the Edgelands with the blind seeress Theresa, looking to collect the power of the Three Heroes contained within the Willstones. Although he had to endure many trials and tribulations, as well as the loss of friends and a close betrayal, Gabriel eventually managed to collect the Willstones. He used this collected power to close the rift opened up once again by the Tattered Spire, saving Albion from the Corruptor once more.

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