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The Bright Will User's Outfit is a set of clothing that includes upper and lower robes, gloves and boots and a matching bright wizards hat (if playing Fable TLC), for wizards and Mages that dedicate themselves to the light. These robes are a Light counter-part of the Dark Will User's Outfit.


A whole outfit for the virtuous Will user. Protects against magic to a degree.

Consists of 4 (5) parts:

  • Will User's Bright Gloves (50)
  • Will Bright Upper Robe (200)
  • Will Bright Lower Robe (174)
  • Will User's Bright Boots (25)
  • Bright Wizard's Hat (50) (TLC only; from Book Collection)

Total Armour Rating: 487 (499)

Attractiveness: +50

Scariness: 0

Alignment Modifier: +40


Damage Absorption Melee Ranged Magic Lightning AOE*
Will User 21% 8% 36% 36% 45%
(Including Hat) 23% 9% 40% 40% 50%

*AOE attacks have an Area Of Effect. They include attacks like trolls' jump attacks, nymph projectile attacks, all explosions, and many spells' secondary damage.



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