Disambiguous This article is about the potion in Fable II. For the potion in Fable, see Will Potion.

Will Potions in Fable II are potions that give you Will experience points. These are:

Name Stars Description Will Exp. Base Value
Crushed Wheat Will Potion 1star The recipe for this Will potion was devised by an Old Kingdom scholar to help her find loose change in seat cushions. 100 36
Attenuated Will Potion 2stars This low grade Will potion will enhance your arcane powers enough to repel vicious dragon-squirrels. 500 141
Infused Will Potion 3stars An adequate Will potion to help you move past the awkward 'Fun at dinner parties' level of ability. 2500 585
Potion of Will 3stars Drink this, and you'll become an even greater master of magic, earning enough experience points to buy one of several new abilities! 2500 800
Concentrated Will Potion 4stars A vigorous, potent Will potion, for the Hero who's a little more than 'power-hungry' but not yet ready for 'power-mad.' 12500 2478
Undiluted Will Potion 5stars An unconscionably powerful Will potion. You may not have an immediate intention to tear reality asunder and destroy the cosmos, but it's nice to keep your options open. 62500 10534

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