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Will Combat Test
Quest Card Emblem.png
Type Silver Quest Icon.png Silver Quest
Preceding Melee Combat Test
Succeeding None
Start Heroes' Guild
End Guild Woods
Reward None
Trophies None
Boasts 0

Will Combat Test is the first Silver Quest in Fable and Fable: The Lost Chapters.

Quest Summary[]

Go with Whisper into the Guild Woods.


  1. Go with Whisper into the Guild Woods.
  2. Defeat the Bandits.


Before the Hero of Oakvale begins his adult training, the Guildmaster informs him that Whisper is going into the Guild Woods if he wanted to join her. This quest starts if the Hero agrees. Whisper follows the Hero into the woods and tells him of the Beetle's nest she was going to. As they pass the southern bank, Whisper spots three Bandits across the river talking amongst themselves. She then reminds the Hero of his recent training and advises him to use arrows or will to defeat the Bandits. After promising to heal him if his health is low, Whisper stands back to let the Hero begin the fight. After the first blow, the Bandits take cover behind the rocks on the other side of the river. After disposing of the Bandits, the Hero turns to Whisper who says she will tell the Guildmaster of the incident. As she makes her way out of the woods, the quest ends.

Video Walkthrough[]


Fable - Will Combat Test


  • The Bandits across the river don't drop any experience orbs.
  • The Bandits will only hit you one-third of the time as their aim is bad.
  • Whisper will use a Health Potion on the Hero if his health is depleted. She also regrets using it mentioning that they are expensive.
  • Attacking Whisper does not have any benefits as she is invincible and the Hero's combat multiplier does not increase.

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