Whitespire Mountains
Region of Albion
FTJ Prism
Location Information
Featured in Fable: The Journey
Related Quests The Crossing
In Sheep's Clothing
Enemies Hobbes
NPCs Benny
Exits Sable's Crossing
The Shattered Prism
Echo Hills

The Whitespire Mountains are a series of mountains found east of Shalefields in northern Albion, bordering the Edgelands via the River Ironwash. A number of new settlements have emerged in the region, a consequence of being within the borders of Albion. It is to these that many migrants moving out of the Edgelands first stop off.

The Whitespire Mountains is where the Shattered Prism, an Enlightened temple built to protect Sol's Willstone, is located. A number of other unknown stone ruins dot the mountains as well.

Poppywheel Farm Edit

The first settlement on the south of the Ironwash, Poppywheel Farm is a small woodland steading populated with a number of chickens. A large waterwheel dominates the cliffside and bridges criss-cross the numerous streams.

Northward Fort Edit

Northward Fort is a large fort on the eastern side of the mountains, described by many as impregnable. The fort is the centre of local government and a regional residence for the Monarch of Albion, as evidenced by the royal banners flying on the outer walls. The fort guards the villages of the mountains and serves as a checkpoint on the road into the country. As befitting its role as the checkpoint into Albion, centre of local government, and regional residence to the Monarch, the fort is extremely well-fortified, and until the events of Fable: The Journey, was thought to be completely impregnable.

The Far Watch Edit

The Far Watch is an abandoned watchtower in the centre of the Whitespire Mountains. A campsite can be found on the outer battlements, which contains an apple tree and a water trough.

The Prism Edit

In the forests behind the watchtower, a small chapel marks the entrance of The Prism. Outside the chapel is another campsite. This one contains a hitching post, a water trough, an apple tree and a small stable.

Fable: The Journey Edit

WARNING: This section or article may contain spoilers!

On his journey to the Spire, Gabriel stopped in the Whitespire Mountains in an attempt to rescue Betty from the Temptress, who supposedly kidnapped her. The Temptress led Gabriel and his guide, Theresa, to the temple, apparently leaving Betty unharmed outside the temple.

After Gabriel emerged from the temple with the power of the Willstone, it was revealed that Betty was the Temptress the entire time. Knocking Theresa out of the fight, it was here in the Whitespire Mountains where Gabriel faced off against and ultimately defeated the last of the Corruptor's lieutenants.

An unknown power had also recently overrun Northward Fort, but had departed before Gabriel arrived. Hobbes had moved in and started to loot the place. This was one of the early signs that Albion's defences were crumbling.


  • When traveling through Poppywheel Farm, Gabriel comments that the area reminds him of home.