Westcliff Development
Barnum's Westcliff
Type Side Quest
Preceding Road to Westcliff
Succeeding The Spire
Start Westcliff
End Westcliff
Reward 15000 gold
1500 Renown
Improved Westcliff

Westcliff Development is a pre-Spire quest in Fable II. Barnum needs 5,000 gold for his new building plans to turn Westcliff into a family friendly holiday park! Give him 5,000 gold, and when you've completed The Spire Quest and returned to Westcliff, it will be a small and pretty town.

Forever Changed: Completing this quest will change the layout of Westcliff, so make sure to explore the Camp completely before leaving for the Spire.

It will feature several new buildings and stalls; such as a Caravans to replace the filthy bandit huts, a blacksmith, an inn, and a new bridge that bypasses the Howling Halls. When you return to Barnum, he will give you 15,000 gold as payment for your investment.

Note that completing this quest will bring guards into town, hindering any evil activities.

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