Disambiguous This article is about the Wellspring Cave in Oakfield. For the Wellspring in Rookridge, see The Wellspring.

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Wellspring Cave
Cave in Oakfield
Wellspring Cave
Location Information
Related Quests The Ritual
Defender of the Light
Enemies Hollow Men
Shadow Worshippers
Cornelius Grim
NPCs Sister Hannah
Brother Robin
Cornelius Grim
Exits Oakfield

Wellspring Cave, also known as the Wellspring of Light, is a cave located in the southern area of Oakfield, just southeast of the watermill. It was in this cave that the Light spoke to Albert the Luminous, and where he found the first Golden Oak. The cave is managed by the monks of the Temple of Light. You will visit this cave during The Ritual quest to gather water with Sister Hannah for the Golden Oak Ritual, and may return during the Defender of the Light quest to save the Light from the Temple of Shadows.

The cave is split into four main sections with a number of connecting passageways. It contains just one Silver Key.


  • A cave in Bower Lake, overlooking Thag's Bandit Camp may sometimes be named "Wellspring Cave" instead of its usual title of "Bower Lake". Though this has no discernible impact on gameplay whatsoever.
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