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Wedding Ring
Wedding Ring
Type Gift
Source General Goods Stores
Base value Unknown

A Wedding Ring is a gift used to allow you to marry other people.

Fable and Fable: TLC Edit

You buy these from many shops in Albion. A ring is needed to get engaged, and then married, to men/women that you want to marry. Marrying Lady Grey will result in her eventually giving you the Solus Greatsword, rather than you spending almost 100,000 gold on it. You can also get a Fake Wedding Ring.

Fable II Edit

Wedding rings in Fable II are far different than they were in Fable and Fable: The Lost Chapters. There are now a range of rings from cheap 1 star rings to expensive 5 star rings. Some women/men will only accept high-class 5 star rings, like Lady Grey for instance, who you have the choice of marrying during the Love Hurts quest. A wedding ring is also needed to open the demon door in Oakfield, as you have to propose to someone in front of the door or blow a kiss at the door. Without a ring, one cannot marry a NPC.

Name Stars Description Romance Base Value
Beggar's Ring 1star It may look pretty at first glance, but it's likely to rot the wearer's finger. 22.5% 50
Mood Ring 2stars This ring changes colours to reflect its wearer's mood. Expect it to be red most of the time, due to your beloved's anger at receiving such a worthless ring. 22.5% 100
Civil Ring 3stars It may not be made from the most precious materials, but it has a high success rate when it comes to engagements. 22.5% 200
Forever Ring 4stars This wonderful ring will melt the heart of all but the most fastidious. 22.5% 400
Eternal Love Ring 5stars Love may be immaterial, but having the most expensive ring in the world always helps. No finger can fail to be enchanted. 22.5% 800
Mysterious Ring 5stars This is truly a magical ring: its true power is unlocked only through an act of love. Give it to someone who loves you with all their heart, and you will be rewarded with a wave of purity and benevolence. 22.5% 1000
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