Wedding Bells
Type Book
Source Alex's jilted lover
Fiction Burns
Base value 40 gold
Stars 1star

Wedding Bells is a book with advice on how to make a person fall in love with you. There are two types of this book, a thick book with a black cover, commonly sold at Fiction Burns and a thin book with an orange cover, given to you by the jilted lover of Alex during the quest Till Death Do Us Part. The books only differ in appearance.

Contents of Book Edit

A book of tips to make anyone fall in love with you until they're ready to say "I do". It suggests you get to know the object of your affection, so you are better able to perform their favourite romantic expressions, surprise them with their favourite gifts and take them on dates to their favourite places. Coming on too strong can make them become bored with your advances though, so don't be too eager to woo them quickly.

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