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Your choices, whether they lead you down the path of good or evil, will change the fate of the world.
— Weaver

Weaver was the Guildmaster of the Guild of Heroes sometime during the Age of Heroes. Weaver trained the guild apprentices and offered counsel to the established heroes seeking a career through the guild's quest system.


At some point in his youth, Weaver had become a member of the Heroes' Guild. At that time, the guild's regime only allowed law-abiding and virtuous quests. Weaver joined his fellow guildmate, Maze, in rebelling against this regime, in hopes the Heroes could determine their path and morality. Unfortunately, a civil war broke out within the guild, causing the loss of many heroes. [1]

Finally, the rebellion became successful, and the war ended. At this point, the oldest hero of the guild, Scythe, had returned and proposed Weaver as the new Guildmaster, seeing in him the serene and impartial man he would become.[1]


Weaver is a bald, elderly man with a generic moustache and a Guild tattoo on his forehead. He is clad in a blue and gold coat, wearing what seems to be a bright plate chest piece underneath, with a cravat that gives him a regal appearance. He is also wearing a unique pair of Plate Gauntlets that match the colour scheme of his coat, along with a pair of grey trousers and a dark blue pair of boots.


Guildmaster and Oakvale Boy

The Guildmaster showing the young Hero of Oakvale to his dorm.

An unknown period of time later, during the Age of Heroes, Weaver took in the young Hero of Oakvale, one of the survivors of the infamous bandit raid on Oakvale. Taking him under his wing, the Guildmaster paired the Hero with Whisper, teaching them how to master the attributes of Strength, Skill, and Will. Years later, he presided over their graduation ceremony.

As the Hero of Oakvale grew older and more powerful, the Guildmaster continued to take a personal interest in his accomplishments, as well as his mission in retrieving his family members. Offering both quests to boost his renown and the occasional piece of advice, the Guildmaster also contributed to the Hero's quest by deciphering Arban's Thaumaturgica, enabling the Hero to save his sister, Theresa, and apprehend the traitorous Maze, revealed to be working with Jack of Blades.

After Jack of Blades activated all the Focus Sites, he stormed the Heroes' Guild in an attempt to claim his sword, the Sword of Aeons. While the Guildmaster tried to stop him, his attempts were in vain, and he was badly wounded.

Fable: The Lost Chapters[]


Weaver and Briar Rose heeding Scythe's warning.

A year after Jack of Blades was slain by the Hero of Oakvale, the Guildmaster informed the Hero of a developing situation in the Northern Wastes, which warranted the attention of the Hero. It was later revealed that this growing evil was, in fact, the resurrection of Jack of Blades.

In his attempt to open the door to Archon's Folly and destroy Jack of Blades once and for all, the Hero of Oakvale had to collect the souls of certain Heroes. It is possible that he slew the Guildmaster in an attempt to gather his soul.

Fable II[]

Several references are made in regards to the Guildmaster, in Fable II. A Russet Apple holds the description as: "An apple a day keeps the Guildmaster away."  Villagers, though rarely, will also mention that a Guildmaster could contact a Hero at any time, and remark on how the fact appears annoying to them. Gargoyles may taunt the Hero by asking him/her if he/she has any health or potions. Playing children can be heard referring to the Guildmaster as annoying, excitedly exclaiming they should kill him. Another reference made is that Bloodstone has a purchasable building named "Your Health Is Low." In the same area, drunks can be heard claiming that they received a letter from the Guildmaster.

A loading screen in Fable II mentions a rumour that the Hero of Oakvale murdered the Guildmaster, and carved "Your health is low," on his forehead.


You don't look much like Hero material to me. But Maze knows what he's doing, I suppose.
— Weaver meeting the Hero of Oakvale

Now pay attention. What I am about to teach you could well save your life one day.
— Weaver training the Hero of Oakvale

We have few enough heroes as it is. Without the two of you tearing each other a part in training!
— Weaver scolding Whisper and the Hero of Oakvale there is a whole world for you to explore!
— Weaver explaining Albion to the Hero of Oakvale

Your health is low. Do you have any potions or food?
— Weaver warning the Hero of Oakvale (Health)

Hero, your will energy is low. Watch that!
— Weaver warning the Hero of Oakvale (Will)

Hey. Have you no respect for Guildmasters? You should share more respect while you're here. I could break you, so leave it.
— Weaver after being attacked by the Hero of Oakvale

Powers and Abilities[]


The Guildmaster is said to be a powerful wizard. Despite this, he does not seem to display any offensive powers, should the player choose to fight him for his soul. During this fight, however, The Guildmaster will cast several spells that will extend to his bodyguards. While an unbreakable Physical Shield spell protects Weaver himself, he will also extend a temporary one on his bodyguards. Weaver also extends the spells Heal Life, and Multi Strike causing the guards to receive healing and their sword to multiply its next hit.

The fact that he does not use any attack spells against the hero may be out of love for him, as the Guildmaster raised him from a young age. After the battle, if the hero does not accept Weaver's offer to surrender and be teleported to Lychfield Graveyard, he claims that he has "powers you can't even imagine". Despite this, the hero kills him before he can demonstrate these abilities, leaving the Guildmaster's real power a mystery.


Name Health Experience Renown Strengths Weaknesses
Guildmaster 8000 100 0 N/A N/A


  • In Fable: The Lost Chapters, it is revealed that the Guildmaster cares about the Hero of Oakvale as a "son".
  • When fighting the Guildmaster, he can be seen briefly covering his eyes as if he's crying or showing concern about the situation.
  • Certain spells like Force Push for example, have no effect on Weaver. This could be a failsafe by the developers so that he is always staying in the same location.
  • In Fable: The Lost Chapters, if the Hero chooses not to fight Thunder for his soul and instead goes to the arena, Jack of Blades taunts the hero by saying "Try to get your combat multiplier even LOWER", "There's a quest card waiting for you at the bottom of the slime pit!", and "Your health is low, let's keep it that way!", as well as other things that mock the Guildmaster.


  • The cutscene where you see Weaver lying on the ground, before fighting Jack of Blades, is actually named "GM Death" in the game files. This could explain why you no longer see him in the original game after completing the main story.
  • If the player throws a fireball at a wall, and the splash damage hits the Guildmaster lying on the ground, he will be launched into a certain direction and no dialogue will happen, since the game doesn't count explosions as your fault. This will also result in the Guildmaster showing a particular animation where he waves at the hero (like he does at the map room), standing up quickly and then going down immediately to his lying animation. If you speak to him, or hit him directly he will return to his original position against the library wall.
  • The Guildmaster is voiced by Hugo Myatt, who is fondly remembered for his role as Treguard the Dungeon Master in the British children's adventure game series Knightmare in the 1980s, famous for such phrases as: "Ooh, Nasty!" and, strangely enough, "Life Force Energy Critical!"
  • One of the Fable Attract Trailers show the cutscene for the Marriage Fresco Art, where the Guildmaster has a different voice actor. This was probably a placeholder voice.
  • At the end of the game, you may still talk to the Guildmaster, but he won't say anything back. Instead, the game shows a cut-scene of him talking to you although there are no words appearing or being spoken and you may exit, thus leaving the cut-scene. This is because his dialogue is tied to a "quest" in the game that is no longer active.