In the Fable series, you are able to increase power of your weapons with different weapon upgrades. This is achieved with augments in Fable and Fable II. In Fable III, your weapons "evolve" as you play the game; the "Hero" weapons change appearance based on the player's actions, while other weapons have their own achievements and upgrade rewards.


Fable DescriptionEdit

The weapons you obtain throughout all your quests and adventures can be modified to a certain extent. Different weapons have different augment slots. Augments can be rewarded, found during quests, and obtained via chests. Some augments give you the ability to make every strike stronger, faster, or sometimes even inflict your enemy with fire.

Fable II DescriptionEdit

As you continue your adventurous life in Albion you are given a choice to add augments to your weapons. You can find Augment Shops, or "Stonecutters", all over Albion. You can also obtain them in chests, by digging, dive spots, as rewards and as gifts. Be wary, the more augment slots a weapon has, the more its price increases.

Fable III DescriptionEdit

All the weapons you aqcuire evolve with use. Your heroic weapons become more devastating (and more valuable) and their appearence changes based on the ways you fight with them. Legendary Weapons have objectives which, when completed, grant additional properties such as increased damage or increased abilities.

To recieve a legendary weapon's rewards, you must complete its objectives with that weapons equipped. For example, the Bonesmasher requires you to kill 300 undead. Any hollow men you kill with other weapons will not count towards the total of the undead kills with the Bonesmasher.


You can acquire various augments by doing these objectives. In Fable III you can do this to morph your weapon into something different and unique.


  • Barrels.
  • Chests.
  • Crates.
  • Through quests.

Fable IIEdit

  • Stonecutting shops.
  • Gifts from other people.
  • Chests.
  • Dive Spots.
  • Through Quests.
  • Digging.

Fable IIIEdit

  • Completing objectives that are stated in the Sanctuary.
  • Spending gold makes your weapon gold.
  • Killing innocent civilians may grant you with a gun that drips blood.
  • Using magic gives your weapon an auroric handle.
  • Being nice to villagers will make your sword's handle look like The Love Sword.

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