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Water Nymph
Water Nymph
Enemy Information
Type Nymph
Games Fable
Fable: The Lost Chapters

The Water Nymph is a type of Nymph and enemy in Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters and Fable Anniversary.

Characteristics Edit

The Water Nymph is the second weakest form of Nymph. It has luminous, pale blue skin, and leaves an aura of bubbles in its wake. Like other Nymphs, it is swift and agile, and also mocks its opponents with constant, childlike giggling. They are usually encountered in Darkwood, sometimes in pairs.

Combat Edit

The Water Nymph usually uses a ranged attack, which impacts, and causes a large icicle to blast out of the ground and hit the Hero. This will end up causing minimal damage. It can also hover down to the ground and summon three Hobbes to assist it in combat.

Weaknesses Edit

While evasive and hard to hit, the Water Nymph has a weak vitality. When it stops to launch an attack, a good, charged arrow will be more than enough to destroy the Nymph.

Stats Edit

Name Health Experience Renown Strengths Weaknesses
Water Nymph 500 40 26 Lightning, Drain Life, all explosions Sharpening, Lightning, Fire Augmentation

Trivia Edit

  • A Water Nymph is encountered leading a group of hobbes in the Hobbe Cave quest.
  • The Water Nymph is the only type of Nymph that can be heard speaking.
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