Warrant for Assault
Warrant for Assault
Type Book
Source Bowerstone Old Town
Related Quests Albion's Most Wanted

The Warrant for Assault is one of the warrants that must be found during the Albon's Most Wanted quest in Childhood in Fable II. The warrants are always received in the same order (this one is last), regardless of where they were found in Old Town, so no one warrant appears in any single place.

Contents of WarrantEdit

Nicky "The
Nickname" Chalmers

Known Aliases: Nicky "The
Nickname" Chalmers (no

Wanted For: Assault With a
Deadly Weapon; Assault With a
Potentially Deadly Weapon;
Assault With a Weapon We
Can't Believe Could Possibly Be
Deadly but Unfortunately Was.

Wanted Dead or Mortally


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