Victor's Diary
Victor's Diary
Type Book
Base value 5 Gold
Stars 1star

Victor's Diary is a book in Fable II. It details the life of Victor the Bowerstone graveskeeper and his eventual discovery of his passion to ressurect Lady Grey.

Contents of bookEdit

This is the diary of Victor, the Bowerstone graveskeeper. Most of the early entries consist of dark, brooding thoughts about loneliness and unrequited loves from various town girls. Victor inherited both the house by the cemetery and the job that came with it, as well as the stigma that made him an outsider to all those he tried to befriend.
One entry marks the day he discovered a secret room his grandfather had constructed and where, among the other things, he found the painting of the most beautiful woman he had ever seen: Lady Grey. He fell in love with her just as his grandfather had, and determined to succeed where he had failed by continuing his dangerous experiments into resurrection and love spells. He would bring Lady Grey back to life, and they would find happiness together.

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