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Verse Concept Art.png
Species Human
Gender Female
First Appearance Fable Legends
Status Alive

Verse is one of the playable Heroes in Fable Legends.


As long as there have been campfires in Albion, there have been storytellers. Regaling tales of great adventure and occasionally embellishing the truth with flavourful fibs, Bards use their musical talent to enrich their fables and enlighten their listeners.

Verse is one such storyteller; a bard who’s drifted from town to town across Albion for as long as she can remember. Singing her way through the doors of magical palaces, into smuggler’s dens and across treacherous seas, her music provides those she comes across with a window to adventures they’d otherwise be oblivious to.

Those who meet Verse quickly take note of her artificial arm, and some even ask how it came to be. It was stolen from the workshop of a powerful Will user; a prize won from a powerful creature inside a fiery mountain; a dream that became real in the morning; an artefact carved from the living wood of a thinking tree, verse has a hundred stories to share, yet none are sure which is true.

Verse had never carefully planned her next adventure, until that is she came across the town of Brightlodge. What greater place to seek stories? Heroes of legend now descend on the town with varying motives; riches, fame, adventure… or something more sinister. By roaring tavern fires, townsfolk whisper of terrible fey creatures, vicious beasts and rampaging outlaws found outside the town walls. Yes, this is where Verse would spin her most incredible stories. This is where she’d craft tales that would become myths, or perhaps even legends.


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