• Solar Dragon

    OK all, today is the day that the new skin becomes an option. I suggest you choose it and see what the new skin l ooks like.

    I feel the skin is horrible and I am trying to use it now (it is hard as the text in the editor goes off the screen!!!) It is buggy and the fixed width ruins all articles.

    Therefore, I propose that we move to ShoutWiki. I am planning to move Wikisimpsons there later this month once I get a community consensus of over 50%.

    The skin will be available later today. You can view it and make your decision. Try it out and see how bad it is.

    Thanks for reading.

    The poll below is now closed. Please sign your name on your personal stance here. Enodoc(Talk) (User Space)

    Should we move from Wikia to ShoutWiki?
    • Yes: 15
    • No: 129
    • I don't know…
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  • Solar Dragon

    Moving from Wikia

    September 28, 2010 by Solar Dragon

    As many of you may know, Wikia will be ruining the skin. I therefore propose that we move away from Wikia. I have found a great new host, ShoutWiki. It uses the Monobook skin and is like Wikia but:

    1. It hasn't got a ruined skin!
    2. It hasn't got ads!

    We can do a database dump at Special:Statistics and move all articles, images, user pages. everything over!

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  • Solar Dragon

    Fable Answers

    May 21, 2010 by Solar Dragon

    Hi all, I have recently created a Fable Answers wiki that I plan to link closely to this wiki. Anything that doesn't need simple explaining, I will link back to this wiki to be explained more. Anyone is free to ask questions or help out. I have currently imported most pages from Wikianswers and Xbox answers but any more can be asked by anyone.

    Oh, and the skin of the wiki, I did it myself so please feel free to give me your opinion on it.

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  • Solar Dragon

    Hi all, you may have noticed that users and IPs are not being welcomed. There is something wrong with MediaWiki and i have contacted people on the Central Wikia forums to try and find the answer and to notify the staff there about this. Hopefully, this will be sorted out and until then, bare with us.

    A message has been sent out direct via the Special:Contact link so hopefully, we will hear back soon.

    Thanks, ☆The Solar Dragon (Talk)☆ 21:39, March 2, 2010 (UTC)

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  • Solar Dragon

    I am leaving

    July 14, 2009 by Solar Dragon

    If anyone reads this, am involuntarily leaving the wiki. My mum is taking the computer to her house and i will not be able to use it as much. Probably only rarely.

    I am sorry that I never got to much as an admin here but I hope that I will live on in my massive amount of contributions here.

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