I am Solar Dragon, an admin here. I have reconsidered my departure from the wiki and may just stay here, using Monobook instead of new Wikia look, if I am not blocked again that is.

I currently have 5,214 contributions!

Fable III Decisions Edit

A list of all my decisions so far that I can remember:

  • Be a Prince.
  • Save Elise.
  • Spare Saker.
  • Do no evil quests.
  • Spare Logan's life.
  • Drag Walter Beck through the sand.
  • All good policies as king.

Userboxes Edit

Fable WikiEdit

Guild Seal Silver This user is an Administrator of this wiki.

Fable III Edit

LCE F3 This user owns the Fable III Limited Collector's Edition.

Compass Rose This user's favourite Fable III location is Brightwall.

Prince This user started Fable III as the Prince.

F3 Coin Good This user makes Good decisions in order to preserve the environment and keep the people happy.

3Icon Crown This user is King of Albion.

3Icon Crawler This user has *spoiler* the *spoiler* and saved Albion from the Darkness.

3Icon Book This user kept their promise to Samuel and reopened Brightwall Academy.

3Icon Dweller This user kept their promise to Sabine and has returned the lands of Mistpeak to the Dwellers.

3Icon Resistance This user kept their promise to Page. They turned the factory into a school and renovated the orphanage.

3Icon Aurora This user kept their promise to Kalin. They have provided the funds to protect and rebuild the city.

Logan Box This user decided to spare Logan.

3Icon Judge This user decided to rebuild the ruined Old Quarter.

3Icon Judge This user decided to build a sewage plant in Bowerstone in order to protect the Mourningwood marsh.

3Icon Judge This user decided to protect Bower Lake and rejected the proposal to construct a quarry in Millfields.

3Icon Judge This user decided to build an outpost in Shifting Sands to provide additional protection for Aurora.

3Icon Relationship This user's hero is married.

3Icon Child This user's hero has 3 children.

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