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Pule - To cry in a thin voice; whine; whimper.


About MeEdit

Hello, I'm Pule, formerly Defenestration, and I love Fable. I first played it when my friend introduced it to me at his house six years ago. I immediately bought the game, buying Fable II as soon as it was released. It took me a little longer to get Fable III, but I got my hands on it eventually. I also enjoy other games, such as BioShock, Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Halo, and Assassin's Creed . You may find me on the BioShock Wiki, GTA Wiki, or the Call of Duty Wiki.


Fable WikiEdit

Guild Seal This user is an editor of The Fable Wiki.

Fable SeriesEdit

Fablegamecase This user owns Fable.

Temple of Light Small This user is an acolyte of Avo and follower of the Light.

Jack of Blades Head This user has defeated Jack of Blades. Twice.

Albiontlcmap This user's favourite Fable/Lost Chapters location is Bowerstone.

Fable II Artwork This user owns Fable II.

Love This user could not bear to be without the ones they love.
They chose The Needs of the Few.

Fable2Albionmap This user's favourite Fable II location is Oakfield.

CastleArt This user owns Fairfax Castle.

Gender This user allowed the Potion of Transmogrification to evaporate.

Concierge This user is the best concierge in Albion. They have opened all the Fable II Demon Doors.

Fable3 This user owns Fable III.


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