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Overlord Avarice is an infamous dark knight and self-proclaimed megalomaniac, with an overwhelming desire for achieving power, hoarding gold and drinking beer. He is often depicted as wearing a full suit of armour that is different shades of grey and black, with a red cloak that he wraps around his platebody and a horned helmet. Avarice usually wields his trusty flaming longsword, Fury but will sometimes use other weapons to expand his arsenal. Despite looking and acting human, his bodies' anatomy is actually made of fire as evident by the slits in his helmet. He achieved the title of Overlord by conquering three continents and then going on to rule each of them with an iron fist. His greatest nemesis is the Lord of the Land.

Species Overlord
Gender Male
Home Bowerstone Manor
Relationships N/A
Enemies Lord of the Land
First Appearance Fable
Last Appearance Fable III
Status Alive (25 years old)

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Hello! and welcome to my Fable Wiki page! I have always had a passion for looking into Cut Content for the game Fable: The Lost Chapters and sometimes make videos covering them on my YouTube Channel. I usually spend a lot of time modding games for fun or to help research the cut or unused content that was intended for said games. While also trying my best to find anything else interesting relating to inconsistencies with their story or bugs, along the way.


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