aka AedanStarfang

  • I live in Newcrest
  • I was born on April 2
  • My occupation is Simmer
  • I am Male

"You're the scariest thing since...since that chipmunk ran by ten minutes ago" -Gnomes


Hello I've been playing Fable since the original release and have been hooked ever since. I look forward to a new aspect of the Fable universe with each new addition to the series, and hopefully III will not be the last entry in this great collection.

About meEdit

My name is RJ but I have gone by many different names though. My absolute favorite Fable has to be the very original first game (by itself not with the entire series as a whole) if only for sentinemental reasons. Each Fable game brings something new and exciting to the table and I am excited to see more of what Peter Molyneux has in store for this enchanting series. Okay well a little bit more about me, my favorite colors are Blue & Green, my favorite season is Spring, my favorite animal is the Wolf, my favorite literary genres are Fantasy and Science Fiction, my favorite food is (mostly) Itallian.

My Hero StatsEdit

  • In Fable III my favorite weapons are: The Shardborne or Avo's Lamentation Swords and the Shrieking Pilgrim or Dirty Harriet Rifles.
  • My favorite spell/combinations are: Vortex + Blades
  • My favorite location(s) are: Brightwall Village, Sunset House, and Bowerstone Industrial
  • My favorite Characters are: Elise/Elliot, Page, Walter Beck, Ben Finn, and Captain Swift
  • My favorite enemies are: Wolves, Hobbes, Mercenaries
  • My least favorite enemies are: Hollowmen, Balverines


  • I recently destroyed all 50 Gnomes
  • I have married both Elise and Elliot
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