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Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain - and most fools do. Dale Carnegie

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Suppose you were an idiot, and suppose you were a member of Congress; but I repeat myself. Mark Twain Read more:

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User:Garry Damrau/Scratchpad

Hello anyone reading this and welcome to my profile. I am a long time gamer (hated pong,loved Atari 2600). Early on in my gaming life, I realised that I did not possess great hand-eye coordination therefore I got into RPGs, as they require more logic and reasoning skills. To combat what many consider the high cost of games and to satisfy my obsessive nature, I play games I like, to death. These include ZELDA, WIZARDRY, STAR OCEAN, BREATH OF FIRE II, and everything FINAL FANTASY.(FF VII, FF X and FF X-2 especially) I recieved the X-BOX 360 game system and the game FABLE II as a birthday gift from someone very close to me, with the promise I would not get so involved as to neglect other obligations. When I learned that my companion was a lovable pet dog, there went that promise. I still have about 15 Fable II game saves on 6 profiles, most of which sleep in the castle with their spouse and kids. Currently I play Fable III and have 14 profiles with at least 2 saves each, most of which have defeated the Darkness and tied up loose ends. (Not to mention the saves that have glitched or freeze up and have been deleted.)

SPOILER ALERT --- The secrets of money and power are:

1.Invest in real estate

2.Cooperate with friends.

P.S. I do now play Fable II and Fable III on-line, but please still, don't ask for any weapons or other items.

My Gamertag is ExcellentGuide and I have unlocked every Fable II & Fable III achievement.


Fablegamecase.jpg This user owns Fable.

Fable II Artwork.jpg This user owns Fable II.

Fable3.jpg This user owns Fable III.

LCE F3.jpg This user owns the Fable III Limited Collector's Edition.

Fable Heroes Cover.png This user owns Fable Heroes.

Fable Anniversary.jpg This user owns Fable Anniversary.

TheJourney.jpg This user wants to buy Fable: The Journey.

Xbox Logo.png This user plays on the Xbox 360.

Dead Hamster icon.png This user is known as ExcellentGuide at The Dead Hamster.

Inglés This user speaks mainly English - what do you speak?


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YouTube Wiki.png ...and they have watched a playthrough on YouTube.

Fable II[]

The Hero of Bowerstone Male.jpg This user started Fable II with a male Hero of Bowerstone.

FemaleHeroBowerstone.jpg This user started Fable II with a female Hero of Bowerstone.

The Choice.png This user in The Spire did make their choice; but will their decision make Albion rejoice?

Sacrifice.jpg This selfless user made the ultimate sacrifice.
They chose The Needs of the Many.

Love.jpg This user could not bear to be without the ones they love.
They chose The Needs of the Few.

Wealth.jpg This selfish user cares nothing about others, only their own wealth.
They chose The Needs of the One.

This user then quickly quit the game after earning the achievement

Gender.png This user allowed the Potion of Transmogrification to evaporate.

Transmogrification.png This user has taken the Potion of Transmogrification.

CastleArt.jpg This user owns Fairfax Castle.

Although this goes without saying as I did and did not drink the potion of transmogrification

Spouse Icon.jpg This user's hero is married.

Parent Icon.jpg This user's hero has children.

Concierge.jpg This user is the best concierge in Albion. They have opened all the Fable II Demon Doors.

Hoarder.jpg This user has found all the Silver Keys in Fable II's Albion.

Gargoyle Icon.jpg This user has destroyed all of Albion's Gargoyles.

Serenity farm.jpg This user's favourite Fable II location is Serenity Farm.

A Perfect World.jpg This user's favourite Fable II quest is A Perfect World.

Meteorologist.jpg This user is the best meteorologist in Albion.

Con Artist.jpg This user has explored all of Murgo's cursed wares and has been granted a vision of the future.

Amethyst.jpg This user has found all three of Albion's Divinity Gems.

This user has used FORTRAN,IITRAN,COBOL,PASCAL,BASIC,BASICA,Assembly and Machine Language.

Fable III[]

Prince.jpg This user started Fable III as the Prince.

Princess.jpg This user started Fable III as the Princess.

F3 Coin Good.png This user makes Good decisions in order to preserve the environment and keep the people happy.

3Icon Crown.jpg This user is Ruler of Albion.

3Icon Crawler.jpg This user has *spoiler* the *spoiler* and saved Albion from the Darkness.

Bowerstone Market (Fable III).jpg This user's favourite Fable III quest is The Game.

HuntersLodge.jpg This user's favourite Fable III location is Hunter's Lodge.

3Icon Gnome.jpg This user has captured all 50 of Brian's Gnomes.

3Icon Book.jpg This user has collected all of the books for Brightwall Academy.

3Icon Keymaster.jpg This user has found all the Silver Keys and Gold Keys in Fable III.

3Icon Flower.jpg This user has found all 30 Auroran Flowers.

Setthemfree.png This user has opened all the Fable III Demon Doors.

3Icon Guild Seal.jpg This user has opened all the Fable III Golden Doors.

3Icon Relationship.jpg This user's hero is married.

3Icon Child.jpg This user's hero has children.

Spellweaver.jpg This user's favourite spellweave is Fire and Vortex.

Understone Colin.png This user has investigated the mysterious voice, defeated the Colin and decided the fate of Understone.

3Icon Keep.jpg This user has defeated all of the escaped prisoners and determined the future of Ravenscar Keep.

Diaries.jpg This user has found all of the prisoners' diary entries.

The Channeler.jpg This user's favourite melee weapon is The Channeler.

Dragonstomper .48 Fable III.jpg This user's favourite ranged weapon is Dragonstomper .48.

Fable Heroes[]

Rolleddiceicon.jpg This user has reached the Inner Abilities Board with one puppet.

Ruleralbionicon.jpg This user has completed all levels of Light Albion and unlocked Sir Walter.

Rulerdarkalbion.jpg This user has completed all levels of Dark Albion and unlocked Jack of Blades.

Rulediceicon.jpg This user has fully upgraded all their puppets on the Abilities Board.

Puppetbeatsicon.jpg This user has completed every Fable Heroes Mini-Game.

Traitoricon.jpg This user has completed every Fable Heroes Boss Fight.

Fable Anniversary[]

Fable Anniversary.jpg This user owns Fable Anniversary.

Anni Icon Guild Seal.png This user has reached the end of Guild Training, and has graduated as a Hero.

Anni Icon Bandit Seal.png This user has investigated the Bandit Camp and learned the fate of their sister.

Anni Icon Whisper.png This user decided to spare Whisper.

Anni Icon Champion's Seal.png This user has become the Arena Champion and has received a nice trophy from the Arena patron.

Anni Icon Kraken.png This user has discovered a legendary creature while escaping from Bargate. And they killed it, too.

Anni Icon Maze.png This user has uncovered a dark secret at Hook Coast.

Anni Icon Jack's Mask.png This user has raced all around the Focus Sites of Albion, before making a tough choice in the Chamber of Fate.

Anni Icon 323.png This user has recovered the Fire Heart and danced with the village people of Snowspire.

Anni Icon Archon's Circle.png This user has collected the Souls of Heroes and opened the Bronze Gate. The Final Battle awaits.

Anni Icon 225.png This user saved the Witchwood Arena and collected a Champion's Soul.

Anni Icon Scarlet Robe.png This user put their mother's soul to rest. And then sucked it into a mask.

Anni Icon 226.png This user gave Nostro the honourable death he craved, and collected the Oldest Soul.

Anni Icon Jack of Blades.png This user has defeated Jack of Blades. In HD!

Anni Icon Frying Pan.png This user has solved the clues and found the Hidden Booty.

Anni Icon Book Green.png This user has collected all of the books for Bowerstone School.

Anni Icon Lady Grey.png This user owns Bowerstone Manor.

Anni Icon Spouse.png This user's hero is married.

Stamp Choices Good.png This user became holier than Avo.

Stamp Wizard Hero Weapons.png This user owns one of each weapon type, and knows one of each spell type. Stamp Wizard Hero Spells.png

Stamp Lunker Boast.png This user completed a quest naked, and then won the Fishing Competition. Stamp Lunker Fish.png

Stamp Fight Cluck Chicken.png This user won the Chicken Kicking Competition.

Stamp Arthur Robin Archery.png This user won the Archery Competition, and pulled the Sword from the Stone. Stamp Arthur Robin Sword.png

Stamp Religion Skorm.png This user made a difficult sacrifice at the Chapel of Skorm, flipped their allegiance, and made another expensive sacrifice at the Temple of Avo. Stamp Religion Avo.png

Stamp Ego Head.png This user has shown their ego to everyone in town, and has also displayed it in their home. Stamp Ego Home.png

Stamp What Ya Sellin.png This user made a profit at a shop.

Stamp Time Fish.png This user turned day to night in Bowerstone, and then turned it back again. Stamp Time Carrot.png

Stamp Beauty Beast Red.png This user became the most beautiful Hero in all of Albion.

Stamp Marital Relations Flirt.png This user flirted with an admirer in front of their spouse, but the spouse loves them enough to give them a gift anyway. Stamp Marital Relations Gift.png

Stamp Drinking Game Villager.png This user helped a friendly villager to get drunk.

Stamp Not On Rails Pie.png This user couldn't be bothered to go everywhere, so got fat instead.

Stamp Rich or Die Skull.png This user died trying. But they got rich eventually. Because in Albion, that makes sense. Stamp Rich or Die Coin.png

Anni Icon Silver Key 2.png This user has found all the Silver Keys in Fable Anniversary.

Anni Icon Demon Door.png This user has opened all the remastered Demon Doors.


This user is a product of the Public School System and uses American(US) accordingly. i.e.better than most idiots.

This user is learning English(UK).

This user will share any knowledge I have re: co-op gameplay.

This user now plays on the Xbox One... finally.

Just thought you would like this video.