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Article with Fable Legends concept art:

Template and Coding Test Space Edit

Counter unavailable.

-'''[[User:Enodoc|<font color="#4682B4">E</font>]]''' ~~~~~ ← My short sig

CSS for Tabber

ul.tabbernav li.tabberactive a {
    background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);
    border-bottom: 1px solid rgb(255, 255, 255);
ul.tabbernav li a:link {
    color: rgb(68, 68, 136);
ul.tabbernav li a {
    -moz-border-top-colors: none;
    -moz-border-right-colors: none;
    -moz-border-bottom-colors: none;
    -moz-border-left-colors: none;
    padding: 3px 0.5em;
    margin-left: 3px;
    border-width: 1px 1px medium;
    border-style: solid solid none;
    border-color: rgb(119, 119, 136) rgb(119, 119, 136) -moz-use-text-color;
    background: none repeat scroll 0% 0% rgb(221, 221, 238);
    border-image: none;
    text-decoration: none;

Coding for a Main Page Slider. Images must be 673 x 410 px

<gallery type="slider">
Image name|Title|link=|linktext=
Image name|Title|link=|linktext=
Image name|Title|link=|linktext=
Image name|Title|link=|linktext=

Coding for colourful usernames. Add to css (Common or Wikia)

/*Code for coloured usernames for those users that need them.*/
/*Originally from RuneScape wiki - Credit goes to them.*/
/*(Active) Sysops & Bureaucrats*/
a[href="/wiki/User:Username"] { color:#4682B4 !important; }
a[href="/wiki/User:Username"] { color:#228B22 !important; }


Category GalleriesEdit

from Help:Magic words

These magic words will apply to the Category Gallery feature when left on a Category page:

  • __NOCATEGORYGALLERY__ - Hides a category gallery from being rendered on a category page.
  • __FORCECATEGORYGALLERY__ - If the category gallery is enabled on a wiki, but it is not applied to all categories by default, this will add a category gallery to the category page.

Oasis Site NoticeEdit

Found at w:Thread:474997#26

$('#WikiaArticle').prepend('<div id="oasisSitenotice" style="border:1px solid #000; text-align:center; padding:5px; width:95%; margin:auto;">Sitenotice goes here</div>

Edit noticeEdit

MediaWiki message that appears on editing any page within the specified namespace. See mw:Help:Edit notice


<span title="{{{hovertext}}}"><font color={{{color}}}>{{{screentext}}}</font></span>


Hover over

Click here

Username "Magic Word" Edit

*{{USERNAME}} {{Template:USERNAME}}
*{{subst:USERNAME}} {{subst:USERNAME}}

OK it's not a magic word, it's java'd:

<span class="insertusername">{{{1|}}}</span> on the template
/* Username replace feature
 * Inserts viewing user's name into <span class="insertusername"></span>
 * Put text inside the spans to be viewed by logged out users
 * Originally by [[wikia:User:Splarka|Splarka]], then by [[User:Spang|Spang]],
 * This (jQuery) version by [[wikia:User:Joeyaa]], written to be backwards compatible
if (wgUserName != 'null') {
on MediaWiki:Common.js

w:c:avatar:MediaWiki:Common.js may have some other useful codes for other things.

HTML4 to HTML5 deprecated and obsolete elements Edit

From w:Forum:Obsolete and deprecated HTML4 elements
  • <big>text</big>
  • <center>text</center>
  • <font color="red">text</font>
  • <strike>text</strike>
  • <br style="clear: both;" />
Everything above excluding <br style="clear:both;" /> will not work after the upgrade to HTML5. This table provides the best alternatives for each.
Soon to be obsolete Alternative
<big>text</big> <span style="font-size:larger;">text</span>
<center>text</center> <span style="text-align:center;">text</span>
<font color="red">text</font> <span style="color:red;">text</span>
<strike>text</strike> <s>text</s> or <span style="text-decoration:line-through;">text</span>

font-size:larger and text-align:center do not work...

Big: text

font-size larger: text


text-align center: text

Dev WikiEdit

My Projects Edit

Templates Edit

Articles Edit

Quests and Jobs Edit

  • Investigate the impacts of the following judgements on Albion:
    • Tax Level. What happens with a Higher/Lower/Unchanged tax level? Is it just villager opinion or is there something else? (Crime, homelessness and starvation are mentioned in the strategy guide.)
    • Guard Budget. What happens with a Higher/Lower/Unchanged guard budget? Does it affect villlager opinion, guard patrols, crime level, or real estate income?
    • Child Benefits. This probably affects villager opinion - check? Does it affect anything else? eg. number of children in the regions.
    • Alcohol Policy. This probably affects villager opinion. What other affects does it have? Does removing the limit cause more drunken people to appear? Does banning alcohol completely affect anything?
    • Collapse of the Economy. Does bailing out the economy or allowing it to collapse change anything? eg. quality of goods in shops, income from real estate, villager opinion.
  • If anyone has input on these, please leave a message on my talk page.

Locations and Property Edit

Weapons Edit

Enemies Edit

Fable Heroes Edit

  • Fable Heroes levels for Dark Albion. (Articles needed)

Fable: The Journey Edit

Here is a list of article sets required for FTJ. Due to not having the game, this isn't necessarily one of "my projects", as all I have to work from is the strategy guide, and people actually with the game would be better placed to make pages about it. Please feel free to contribute!

  • Spells, more details and eventually split out of the FTJ game article. Whether they each have their own pages or are combined into one will depend on how much innformation is available and what anyone thinks is best for consistency.
  • Upgrades, a list of the available upgrades and how to get upgrade tokens from experience.
  • DLC, as all pre-order bonus items are available as DLC for 80 Microsoft Points each. As with spells, I don't know whether each needs its own page, or if one page for all will suffice.
  • Walkthrough, obviously, we need one. The framework for this can be found at User:Enodoc/FTJ Walkthrough, and I really think this requires someone who has actually played it. Beware of spoilers if you go there and haven't played it.
  • Arcade Mode, details of how it works, the medal system, which stages of the story it recreates, etc.
  • Collectables, what they are and where to find them. They probably don't need a page each.

Items Edit

NPCs Edit

  • Roland's Song Lyrics (In progress)
  • Status consistency for NPCs which have a variable outcome. Specifically Veronica, Vincent, Wilma, William. Check with older ones from F2.

Wiki Management Edit

  • Review the Special:UnusedImages -unusedfiles
    • Use -help for list of page selection parameters to use for the above.
  • Clean and tidy of the videos, particularly those that have been added by WikiaBot from the Video Library.
    • Special:Videos
    • How do we want to display videos? Consistency.
    • Licensing – Video Library videos are supposedly fully licensed, need to check the usage rights of the other random videos we have.
  • Consolidation
  • Tables are inconsistent. We randomly use class="wikitable", class="wikitables", and border=x padding=y. We need a standard for tables.
Text Text
Text Text
Text Text
Text Text
Text Text
Text Text
Text Text
Text Text
Text Text

Fable Fanon Edit

Fable Answers Edit

  • Delete the non-questions, unclear questions, unrelated questions, and these questions.
  • Tidy up the tags.

Categories Edit

Useful Colours Edit

  • D2B48C - Tan (brown)
  • DEB887 - Burly Wood (brown)
  • 8FBC8F - Dark Sea Green Used on Location template
  • B0C4DE - Light Steel Blue Used on Renown template
  • F5DEB3 - Wheat (brown) Used on Moral Choice template
  • F08080 - Light Coral (red) Used on Warning template
  • F8E0F8 - A very light lavender purple (non-standard) Used on Quest template
  • D8BFD8 - Thistle (purple) Used on Expandable List template Expandable Lists now use A21F1F and FA8F60.
  • A21F1F - A brown-red (non-standard) Used for Infobox headers and is the Wiki's main colour
  • FA8F60 - An orange-red (non-standard) Used for Infobox sub-headers
  • ECD2D2 - The auto-lightened version of A21F1F Appeared as menu highlights with WikiNav 1.0
  • FEE8DF - The auto-lightened version of FA8F60 Appears as menu highlights as of WikiNav 2.0; used as a "theme light colour" when needed
  • FDD7C7 - Another lightened version of FA8F60 Appears in the editor header
  • 4F0000 - A dark red (non-standard) Used for header borders
  • FFF8DC - Cornsilk (light yellow) Community colour
  • B22222 - Fire Brick (red) Used for other borders and was the Wiki's main colour in Monaco
  • CC2200 - Red link The standard Wiki red-link colour
  • CC3300 - Orange (non-standard) One of the main colours for Answers
  • E9BA63 - Orange-yellow (non-standard) Secondary colour for Answers
  • 639DC2 - Fable Fanon blue (non-standard) Headers
  • A2D2D6 - Fable Fanon blue (non-standard) Sub-headers and buttons
  • 295985 - Fable Fanon blue (non-standard) Previous links, borders
  • 6195BD - Fable Fanon blue (non-standard) Alternative borders Deprecated in favour of 639DC2.
  • C7DBF1 - Fable Fanon blue (automatic) User masthead
  • ECF6F6 - Fable Fanon blue (automatic) Menu highlights
  • DEEFF0 - Fable Fanon blue (automatic) Editor/Admin Dashboard header
  • 1E90FF - Dodger Blue Fanon links
  • 8A8A8A - Grey Fanon red-links
  • 3366BB - Light blue (non-standard) Wikipedia's external links colour
  • A43A14 - Brown (non-standard) Dead Hamster borders
  • E8D5BF - Brown (non-standard) Dead Hamster submenu
  • E8D7A4 - Yellow (non-standard) Dead Hamster submenu highlight
  • EBD48A - Yellow (non-standard) Dead Hamster announcement bar
  • ECDFBD - Cream (non-standard) Dead Hamster theme colour
  • EEE2C8 - Cream (non-standard) Dead Hamster theme colour
  • F5EFE2 - Cream (non-standard) Dead Hamster theme colour
  • 965634 - Brown (non-standard) Dead Hamster header text
  • D37F1B - Orange (non-standard) Dead Hamster links
  • B87221 - Brown (non-standard) DArk adaptation of the link orange
  • D3A685 - Brown (non-standard) Not sure where this one is
Alignment Colours
  • 0000FF - Blue Good/Pure alignment modifier +
  • FF0000 - Red Evil/Corrupt alignment modifier
  • 000000 - Black Neutral alignment modifier ±0
  • FF8C00 - Dark Orange Negative opinion modifier
  • 00FF00 - Green Positive opinion modifier

Message Template Colours
  • FFE0FF - A pale red, (Warning) action may be taken by admins
  • FFFFE0 - A pale yellow, (Attention) action should be taken by user and user should make note of message
  • E0FFFF - A pale blue, (Information) no action needed, user should bear message in mind


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Word of the Month Edit

December 2009 Edit

Defenestration - The act of throwing someone out of a window.

$ \Rightarrow $ Wiktionary $ \Rightarrow $


January 2010 Edit

Dilemma - A situation when a difficult decision must be made between two alternatives which are equally desirable or undesirable when viewed from a neutral perspective.

From di- (two) lemma (proposition). Synonym of choice.

$ \Rightarrow $ Wiktionary $ \Rightarrow $


February 2010 Edit

Pseudo- prefix - Something that is perceived to be genuine, but is not.

$ \Rightarrow $ Wiktionary $ \Rightarrow $

March 2010 Edit

Insubordination noun - Disobedience to lawful authority.

$ \Rightarrow $ Wiktionary $ \Rightarrow $

April 2010 Edit

Corroboration noun - The act of confirming or supporting something with additional evidence.

$ \Rightarrow $ Wiktionary $ \Rightarrow $

May 2010 Edit

Sublimation noun - The transition of a substance from a solid directly to a gas without passing through the liquid state.

$ \Rightarrow $ Wiktionary $ \Rightarrow $

June 2010 Edit

Superfluous adjective - More than what is required or necessary.

$ \Rightarrow $ Wiktionary $ \Rightarrow $

July 2010 Edit

Insatiable adjective - Incapable of being satisfied.

$ \Rightarrow $ Wiktionary $ \Rightarrow $

August 2010 Edit

Pedantic adjective - Being concerned with trivial points and minor details.

$ \Rightarrow $ Wiktionary $ \Rightarrow $

September 2010 Edit

Per se adverb - Something considered by itself without other factors.

$ \Rightarrow $ Wiktionary $ \Rightarrow $

October 2010 Edit

Erroneous adjective - Something that contains, or is derived from, an error.

$ \Rightarrow $ Wiktionary $ \Rightarrow $

November 2010 Edit

Extraneous adjective - Irrelevant and unrelated to the subject.

$ \Rightarrow $ Wiktionary $ \Rightarrow $

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