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Enodoc Hi, I'm Enodoc and I live in Britain. I'm currently an editor on a few wikis, and I like things to be consistent. I therefore mainly make small edits to pages so that their information does not conflict with things written on other pages, and I attempt to present other pages to complement the context of the game. I also add new articles when there is a subtantial gap in content.

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The Fable Wiki[]

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Fragments.png This user is an expert on the History of Albion.

Fall of the Heroes.png This user is an expert on the Geography of the Fable world.

Auroran Ruin.png This user is a student of Auroran lore.

Temple of Light Small.jpg This user is an acolyte of Avo and follower of the Light.

Xbox Logo.png This user plays on the Xbox 360.

Fable The Lost Chapters Cover.jpg This user owns Fable: The Lost Chapters.

Jack of Blades Head.jpg This user has defeated Jack of Blades. Twice.

Albiontlcmap.JPG This user's favourite Fable/Lost Chapters location is Barrow Fields.

Fable II Artwork.jpg This user owns Fable II.

The Hero of Bowerstone Male.jpg This user started Fable II with a male Hero of Bowerstone.

Love.jpg This user could not bear to be without the ones they love.
They chose The Needs of the Few.

CastleArt.jpg This user owns Fairfax Castle.

Gender.png This user allowed the Potion of Transmogrification to evaporate.

Meteorologist.jpg This user is the best meteorologist in Albion.

Con Artist.jpg This user has explored all of Murgo's cursed wares and has been granted a vision of the future.

Gargoyle Icon.jpg This user has destroyed all of Albion's Gargoyles.

Hoarder.jpg This user has found all the Silver Keys in Fable II's Albion.

Dlc2-image1.jpg This user's favourite Fable II location is Celestial Keep.

Fable The Journey Box Art.png This user owns Fable: The Journey.

LCE F3.jpg This user owns the Fable III Limited Collector's Edition.

Prince.jpg This user started Fable III as the Prince.

3Icon Book.jpg This user has promised Samuel that they will reopen Brightwall Academy.

3Icon Dweller.jpg This user has promised Sabine that they will return the lands of Mistpeak to the Dwellers.

3Icon Resistance.jpg This user has promised Page that they will end the exploitation of the people of Bowerstone.

3Icon Aurora.jpg This user has promised Kalin that they will rebuild the City of Aurora and protect its people.

3Icon Crown.jpg This user is King of Albion.

F3 Coin Good.png This user makes Good decisions in order to preserve the environment and keep the people happy.

Logan Box.png This user decided to spare Logan.

3Icon Judge.jpg This user decided to rebuild the ruined Old Quarter.

3Icon Aurora.jpg This user kept their promise to Kalin. They have provided the funds to protect and rebuild the city.

3Icon Resistance.jpg This user kept their promise to Page. They turned the factory into a school and renovated the orphanage.

3Icon Judge.jpg This user decided to build a sewage plant in Bowerstone in order to protect the Mourningwood marsh.

3Icon Book.jpg This user kept their promise to Samuel and reopened Brightwall Academy.

3Icon Judge.jpg This user decided to protect Bower Lake and rejected the proposal to construct a quarry in Millfields.

3Icon Judge.jpg This user decided to build an outpost in Shifting Sands to provide additional protection for Aurora.

3Icon Dweller.jpg This user kept their promise to Sabine and has returned the lands of Mistpeak to the Dwellers.

3Icon Money.jpg How much is life worth? 1 gold each, it seems. This user has saved all 6.5 million citizens of Albion.

3Icon Crawler.jpg This user has *spoiler* the *spoiler* and saved Albion from the Darkness.

Understone Colin.png This user has investigated the mysterious voice, defeated the Colin and decided the fate of Understone.

3Icon Keep.jpg This user has defeated all of the escaped prisoners and determined the future of Ravenscar Keep.

Diaries.jpg This user has found all of the prisoners' diary entries.

3Icon Book.jpg This user has collected all of the books for Brightwall Academy.

3Icon Gnome.jpg This user has captured all 50 of Brian's Gnomes.

3Icon Keymaster.jpg This user has found all the Silver Keys and Gold Keys in Fable III.

Driftwood 1.png This user's favourite Fable III location is Driftwood.

Spellweaver.jpg This user's favourite spellweave is Vortex and Blades.