Hey guys ^^

I was born in Scotland in 1993 and have an undying love for all things Fable.

I'll help in any way I can!

Fable The Lost Chapters Cover This user owns Fable: The Lost Chapters.

Fable II Artwork This user owns Fable II.

The Hero of Bowerstone Male This user started Fable II with a male Hero of Bowerstone.

Love This user could not bear to be without the ones they love.
They chose The Needs of the Few.

RulerofAlbion This user owns all of the properties in Albion.

CastleArt This user owns Fairfax Castle.

Spouse Icon This user's hero is married.

Parent Icon This user's hero has children.

Amethyst This user has found all three of Albion's Divinity Gems.

Jack of Blades Head This user has defeated Jack of Blades. Twice.

Fable3 This user wants to buy Fable III.

Temple of Light Small This user is an acolyte of Avo and follower of the Light.

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