Understanding The Albion Psyche
Type Book
Source Fiction Burns
Base value 40 gold
Stars 1star

Understanding The Albion Psyche is a book in Fable II that can be found in Dig spots and some shops such as Fiction Burns.

Contents of Book Edit

This book by the behaviourologist Benny Skinful prods and probes that most quirky and unpredictable of animals: the fully-grown Albion human. Described as a deeply opinionated lot, fond of gossip and flip-plopping from a friendly disposition to a hostile one and then back again at the slightest provocation, the people of Albion can be affected by a great number of things. What they see you do, what you say to them, what you wear, what you give them, what they hear about you.... All these things go into the great messy bucket that is their minds. As Skinful says, "take care to really know your subject, whether you intend to befriend it or provoke it, as each individual has its own set of likes, dislikes and all manner of personality idiosyncrasies.

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