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Undeath Sentence
Undeath Sentence.png
Type Side Quest
Preceding Manhunt
Succeeding Prison Management For Beginners
Start Ravenscar Keep
End Ravenscar Keep
Reward 5 Guild Seals

Undeath Sentence is another side quest from the Fable III DLC Traitor's Keep. After disposing of the loose inmates, Lieutenant Hadley hands you the Ravenscar Cemetery Key after an effort to bury the dead bodies of inmates and asks you to rid the cemetery of three hollow man groups.


  • Head down the path opposite Lt. Hadley, towards the gate at the far end. Use the key to open up the gates and head up the hill. The first group of just five hollow men will be waiting for you at the top of the hill.
  • Follow the path up the hill and go up the stone stairs. You will encounter the second, and larger, group of hollow men here.
  • Continue to the far side and go up hill to the left. Follow the narrow path down the stairs on your left to a small landing where you will encounter the third and final group of hollow men. It is a larger group than the previous two. Once you've dealt with all the hollow men, return to Lt. Hadley to complete the quest.


When a prisoner dies on the island, he is buried in a small, unassuming cemetery where he will remain for all eternity. At least... that's the theory.


Thanks to your efforts, the undead have received their final sentence, stood for their last headcount, returned to their subterranean cells, and heard their last awkwardly constructed metaphor.


  • In the area where you fight the final group of hollow men there is a chest that contains the Prisoner Trousers of the Prisoner Suit.

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