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Treasure of the Ghost Pirate
Treasure Of The Ghost Pirate
Type Bronze Quest
Preceding None
Succeeding Chicken Kicking Competition
Start Oakvale
End Memorial Garden
Reward 100 Gold
150 Renown

The Treasure of the Ghost Pirate is a quest in Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters, and Fable Anniversary. The quest is started by talking to the ghost on Oakvale's south-east beach.

Quest SummaryEdit

Find the ghost's treasure and return it to his wife.


  1. Dig up the gold.
  2. (Optional) Give the gold to the ghost's wife.
  3. (Optional) Return to the ghost and tell him of your good deed.
  4. Find the ghost's treasure (Obsidian Great Waraxe) under the statue's axe in the Graveyard.


Good WayEdit

The ghost asks the Hero of Oakvale to give to his wife 500 Gold which he hid on the western beach. The gold is buried next to the dock on the left hand side(East Side of the dock/small part of Western Beach up against the dock) and his wife is a bit farther down the beach. Give it to her and the Hero will get 60 good points. Go talk to the ghost at which point he will give the Hero directions to the reward in the cemetery and vanish. Head up the hill and past the mercenary to the cemetery. Find the statue of the man holding the axe and dig underneath the axe to reveal one of the Silver keys and an Obsidian Great Axe. After this, the Hero is awarded 100 Gold and 150 Renown and the quest is finished.

Other WaysEdit

The Hero has the option of skipping the second and third Objective and digging up the 500 Gold, the Silver Key, and the Obsidian Great Axe. Good Heros Beware: Doing this will make the 60 good points unachievable.

Killing the ghost's wife rewards the Hero with 60 evil points and causes the ghost to vanish. This must be done either before she leaves town after giving her the 500 Gold or before the reward is dug up.

There are ways of preventing the Hero from ever finishing the quest and getting the 100 Gold and 150 Renown. If the Hero digs up the 500 Gold, kills the wife, or digs up the reward before talking to the ghost, he will have vanished and the quest will have never been started. As long as the ghost is talked to, the 100 Gold and 150 Renown will be acquired after digging up the key and axe.


  • Although this is a Bronze quest, the icon on the Map screen is silver.

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