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Heroes and Villains
Type Main Quest
Preceding The Menagerie
Succeeding None
Start Ravenscar Keep
End Ravenscar Keep
Reward 50 Guild Seals
Achievement icon.pngWho Are You?

Traitor's Keep: Heroes and Villains is the final main quest in the Traitor's Keep DLC for Fable III. In this quest, the Hero must confront the ideals of the mysterious General Turner.


Head to the Records Room in Ravenscar Keep, where you are to meet Hobson and Commander Milton to see what else they have found out about General Turner. When you arrive, however, you find Milton unconscious on the floor. When he wakes up, he explains that Turner has been hiding in the prison all along, and has taken Hobson. Follow Milton through a secret passage out the back of the Records Room and through a store room. Open the chest and pick up General Turner's Diary III from one of the boxes before following Milton through the boiler room and into the morgue. Lead the way into the Pit, and a cutscene will show the Asylum Prisoners being released from their cells.

The prisoners will attack in three waves, and once they are all killed, another cutscene will play. Milton has been injured, and the Hero will decide to go on alone. Milton will say that he will hold off anyone who tries to follow. Continue onwards into the torture chamber, where you will see Hobson tied up in one of the chairs. Make your way over and untie him, and he will reveal the secret behind the third prisoner. Commander Milton will then arrive and explain that Turner died six months previously, and that he wasn't going to let everything Turner believed in die with him. Milton will then approach a machine, similar to the one Mary Godwin used in her laboratory, and proceed to extract your Heroic essence. Using Witchcraft Mary's research, and Professor Faraday's technology, Milton has succeeded in becoming you. There is however one significant difference; Milton will have the extreme opposite alignment to the original. The dog takes umbrage at Milton, but he just lobs a fireball at it. This enrages the Hero, exclaiming "Leave. My Dog. Alone" to the point where they are able to break out of the chair.

You will now have to fight against your doppelganger. Listen as Milton provides the requisite antagonist's monologue, and once he finishes, your attacks will have more effect. He has access to your Heroic powers, but not your potions, so make use of Slow Time and Summon Creatures to help whittle down his health while you restore your own. Eventually, he will fall, and deliver one final speech about how the people will reclaim their freedom.



Milton's attempted coup has failed, but you have been confronted with questions that have no easy answer. Are you a Hero or a politician? A rebel or a monarch? Only you know who you really are. For now, your place on the throne is safe, and Ravenscar Keep is yours to do with as you wish.

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