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Trader Rescue
Quest Card Emblem.png
Type Silver Quest Icon.png Silver Quest
Preceding Find the Bandit Seeress
Succeeding None
Start Twinblade's Elite Camp
End Twinblade's Camp
Reward 5000 Gold
400 Renown
Boasts 5

Trader Rescue is a silver quest in Fable: The Lost Chapters. You have to rescue three traders held hostage in a bandit camp. Note that you'll still be able to do the Trader Massacre quest.

Boasts Available[]

No Protection[]

Boast: Do the Quest naked.
Wager: 100 Gold
Reward: 400 Gold

Without A Scratch[]

Boast: Take no damage.
Wager: 300 Gold
Reward: 1000 Gold

Fist Fighter[]

Boast: Don't use weapons or any aggressive magic. NOTE: Requires 'Traditional' control scheme.
Wager: 300 Gold
Reward: 1000 Gold

Pacifist (Don't kill anyone)[]

Boast: Do not kill any Bandits while rescuing the traders.
Wager: 400 Gold
Reward: 1000 Gold

Timed Quest[]

Boast: Complete the quest in under 8 minutes.
Wager: 400 Gold
Reward: 1000 Gold


More experience - Slow method[]

Doing the Quest this way earns you more experience but less gold because you won't be able to complete many of the boasts. It involves killing all of the bandits then freeing the captives. This usually eliminates the Timed Quest boast, the Pacifist boast, and the Without a Scratch boast, so it can really cut down on the gold you earn.

More gold - Fast method[]

Completing the quest this way will complete most or all of the boasts you take therefore increasing the amount of gold you get at the expense of not gaining much experience. Doing it this way involves running past all of the bandits talking to the traders and running out of there. If the bandits see you first, they will attack you and leave the traders alone, getting them out of the camp safely. Note that if a Bodyguard kills a bandit, it will not cause the "No Bandits Killed" boast to fail, providing a way for the player to slowly thin some of the bandit's numbers.

Quest Failures[]

  • If any one of the three traders gets killed, the quest will be failed.


  • Although they seem mutually exclusive to each other, you can accept and complete the Trader Massacre quest even if you've done the Trader Rescue Quest.

Video Walkthrough[]


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