Toys are a type of item introduced in Fable II. They are gifts to be given to a child. They are all rated three stars (3stars). You use two of them, the Wooden Sword and the Toy Gun in your Childhood.

Types of ToyEdit

Name Stars Description Childishness Base Value
Teddy Bear 3stars Despite bears obviously being mythical creatures, children nonetheless believe in their existence. As if something so cute and cuddly could be real. 20.0% 25
Toy Sword 3stars Children are never too young to learn how to wield a sword. Though this is perhaps a little too large for a toddler. 20.0% 25
Toy Gun 3stars Bring out a child's inner highwayman with this scale model of a flintlock firearm. 20.0% 25
Toy Bow 3stars A delightful present for any child. It also prepares them for the savage violence that is life. 20.0% 25
Toy Horse 3stars For those who don't have the wealth to give their children a pony, this is the next best thing. 20.0% 25
Ragdoll 3stars For some reason little girls love clutching these weird, misshaped dolls. Perhaps because they're secretly using it for black magic rituals. 20.0% 25
Porcelain Doll 3stars A delightful present for any child. Until its little porcelain face shatters during routine play. 20.0% 25

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