Time Control is a spell from Fable II, that is a combination of the Slow Time and Assassin Rush spells in Fable and The Lost Chapters.

Description Edit

Slow down time to gain an advantage over your sluggish enemies. You can also target a single enemy using the Left Thumbstick to rush towards him for a surprise attack.

Stats Edit

Level Cost Targeted Distance Damage Multiplier Damage Duration Target Stun Duration Surround Duration
1 600 10.0 meters 1.20 2.0 seconds 0.0 seconds 4.0 seconds
2 3,600 10.0 meters 1.25 4.0 seconds 1.0 second 6.0 seconds
3 21,600 10.0 meters 1.30 6.0 seconds 2.0 seconds 9.0 seconds
4 86,400 10.0 meters 1.40 8.0 seconds 4.0 seconds 12.0 seconds
5 259,200 10.0 meters 1.50 10.0 seconds 6.0 seconds 15.0 seconds

Fable IIIEdit

Time Control returns in Fable III in the form of Slow Time Potions that the Hero can find or purchase. It is effectively similar to the Time Control power in Fable II, as it increases the Hero's speed and reflexes while also slowing down time around him/her, making it useful in taking on overwhelming hordes of foes. Its effectiveness is increased when the Hero increases their Will proficiency in the Road to Rule and by subsequently using Will, as it causes the potion to last longer.

Notes Edit

  • In Fable II, Time Control returns as sort of a permutation of Fable's Slow Time and Assassin Rush. When using Time Control as an AoE spell, it slows time much like it did in Fable, allowing the player to slow down time in an area of effect, causing enemy attacks (even projectile speed) and events to happen at a much slower rate, while the hero can still move and act freely at a regular pace (except his ranged attacks, projectiles fired by the hero move slower). As a targeted spell, the hero rushes behind an enemy and amplifies the damage of his/her weapons, causing them to glow red and do bonus damage.
  • Higher levels of this spell slows down enemies much more than lower level casts of this spell and last much longer.
  • This spell can also be used to allow more time to charge up powerful spells like Lightning or Inferno, to do this cast Time Control, then switch or charge up a spell like Lighting and release it, using this method can leave your enemies immobilized completely, if used repeatedly.

Bugs/Glitches Edit

  • Using the targeted version of Time Control also causes the hero to disappear for a moment, causing enemies to lose track of him/her. This can cause some enemies to put their weapon away in the middle of combat and then take them out quickly.
  • Using the Area of Effect version of the spell during The Crucible causes the target time clock to visually appear slower, when in reality it still continues at the same pace. This can lead to discrepancies between your final time and the time you believed you had. It is more beneficial to avoid using this spell during The Crucible to avoid the problem.
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