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Thunder Concept.jpg
Species Human
Gender Male
Relatives Whisper (Sister)
Enemies Hero of Oakvale (if Whisper is killed in the arena)
First Appearance Fable
Last Appearance Fable Anniversary
Status Deceased

Thunder is a character in Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters and Fable Anniversary. He is a proud and mighty Hero, a champion of the Arena, and the brother of Whisper.


Long ago, on a ship from the South Islands, Thunder and his little sister Whisper left for Albion. But the ship came upon a Kraken nest during a storm, and the whole ship was devoured. Thunder, however, took his little sister in his arms and swam to the coast, after supposedly raining thunder from the heavens to slay the Kraken. Arriving in Albion, he made a name for himself as a Hero, and became Champion of the Witchwood Arena. He was able to complete the Arena battles without taking a break, a feat unmatched by any Hero - except Jack of Blades - until the Hero of Oakvale, alongside Whisper. He was disdainful of the younger Hero (and this disdain grows to anger if the Hero kills Whisper in the Arena). Despite this, he appeared as an ally as well as an adversary. Thunder (along with Flick) was deeply in love with Lady Grey, and courted her obsessively.


Thunder's in-game appearance

Thunder appears several times throughout the game. His first appearance is during the Hero's melee training with Whisper. After you become the new Arena Champion, you run into Thunder vying for the attention of Lady Grey who is waiting to meet you. Thunder then confronts you and you must fight him if you later choose to court Lady Grey. Another time he appears is later into the game, outside of the school in Bowerstone, where he is telling stories about himself and comparing himself to you in front of the children. He also appears briefly to help stop Jack of Blades from activating the Focus Sites.

Fable: The Lost Chapters[]

The Hero encounters Thunder again during The Souls of Heroes quest. The Hero can choose to either fight Thunder to the death in order to obtain his soul, or take Thunder's advice and go to the Arena to look for a soul.


Name Health Experience Renown Strengths Weaknesses
Thunder 3000 100 0 Most Everything Sharpening, Piercing Augmentation

Fable II[]

500 years into the future, Thunder is long dead. However, there is a potion in the game called the "Thunder Strength Potion" which confers the player 62,500 strength points. Its description suggests that the "bones" of Thunder were used in the making of the potion.

Fable III[]

In Fable III, the sword Thunderblade's description states: "The great old Hero Thunder is said to have been able to rend the sky with this. The rumour was started by Thunder himself, and was widely discredited by his sister, Whisper."


  • He is one of two characters in the Fable series (along with Nostro) to wield or own a shield.
  • If the player leaves Whisper alive in The Lost Chapters, Thunder makes no mention of her even though she is alive.
  • During the "Try to Stop Jack of Blades" quest, when you encounter Thunder, he said he and the Albion Guards were summoned by Lady Grey. Even if she left and you became Mayor, Thunder still says Lady Grey sent them. This is probably an oversight due to Exposing the Mayor being a quest that was added to Fable: The Lost Chapters.
  • Thunder must be fought in the duel for Lady Grey's favor if the player wants to collect all the Silver Keys. It is still possible to obtain the silver key using a glitch, however. If you stand between the chest and the fence at Headman's Hill, you can recall back to the region. And you will be teleported to the bottom.
  • Earlier maps of Albion and the world for the original Fable, suggest that Thunder was meant to have his own region in Greatwood called Thunder's Camp.
  • In Fable III, The Thunderblade states that "Whisper dispelled any wild rumors about the sword being able to summon lightning." Which can be a direct reference to Thunder using lightning if you battle him in Fable.
  • During the battle with Thunder over Lady Grey, he will occasionally say "You're just a toad" before using his lightning. This is a reference to the phrase "What happens to a toad when it gets struck by lightning."
  • The appearance of Thunder during various cutscenes in the game may vary (like the Hero of Oakvale and Whisper's graduation, for example), with Thunder sometimes wearing his helmet on his head, and sometimes just his circlet. This is a feature that was added to Fable: The Lost Chapters.
  • There is an unused Summon Ability in the game files for Fable, that sort of implies the developers intended for Thunder to be a Summonable Creature or for him to have his own Summon spell at one point in development, but this feature appears unfinished.
  • Unused text entries and cutscene scripts for the Mayor's Invitation Quest implies that Lady Grey wanted you to kill Thunder to marry her, at one point in the game's development. This could explain the blood that is seen on the trophy version of his helmet.
  • He is voiced by Colin McFarlane.


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