• I would like to point out that some of the trivia you have under the Hero Of Bowerstone is wrong.

    It says in the trivia that you start and play as Male by default in Fable III if no Fable II save data is found.

    That is wrong. I played Fable III first as I downloaded it free with Games With Gold and I was able to play as Female.

    So whoever came up with that is wrong.

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    • The trivia is correct. It doesn't say that you play as male, it says "The Hero of Bowerstone is male". The Hero of Bowerstone is your parent in Fable III; it is the Hero of Brightwall that is the player character (whose gender you can freely choose at the beginning).

      In other words, while you are able to choose the gender of your player character (the Hero of Brightwall), the gender of your parent (the Hero of Bowerstone) is fixed as male without a Fable II save.

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