• I think it's about time that we made some Userboxes for Fable Anniversary. We could start with the same ones as TLC and go from there.

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    • Could do indeed. Although I was planning to leave it until a few weeks after it came out, so I could get input on what people may like to have userboxes for.

      If I remember rightly, we only have Progress and Favourites boxes for Fable/TLC, so I'll be expanding that anyway to include silver keys and demon doors. I was also thinking of having a box for each of those consequence achievements so that you can add which objective you got "first", and edit it if/when you get the second one (which wouldn't be documented any other way).

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    • For now, we could have ones like "Pre-ordered from ..." so when info is released we can know whom will get which DLC content from day one. Like how we did for Fable: The Journey with the preorder userbox, then work on them more when its released?

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    • Copied out the Fable III box code, so now we have:

      Fable Anniversary This user wants to buy Fable Anniversary.

      Fable Anniversary This user has pre-ordered Fable Anniversary.

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    • OK, so here's what I'm thinking of, and these will be the ones I start with. (I'll start whenever I have time.) Please add any more you may like to see.


      These will likely be the same as before, although I'll probably reword them, and will combine the first "defeated JoB" one with the "Prophets" one.

      • Graduation
      • Twinblade's Camp
      • Arena
      • Prison Escape
      • Stop JoB
      • Prophets
      • Oracle
      • Bronze Gate
      • This user has defeated Jack of Blades. In HD!


      One for each of The Souls of Heroes

      • The Champion
      • The Heroine
      • The Oldest Soul


      All the standard ones

      • All the Properties (may need to rework or skip this one, I don't remember it being easy)
      • Married
      • All the Doors
      • All the Keys


      • Bowerstone Manor
      • Books for the school
      • Hero dolls for the school
      • The frying pan


      • Quest
      • Location
      • Spell


      15 boxes, as mentioned before.

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    • That all looks great Enodoc! I'd help, but my free time is limited now, finally got a job after being out of work for 7 years lol

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