• Again, I have no idea if I'm putting this in the right place, but...

    One of my adopted sons, Chris, actually fears me. Here's the thing though, I've done nothing to him, this is a good account. Each time I give him a gift that he asks for, my relationship with him worsens. It went from love, to happy, to unhappy, to hate, and now, to fear. It doesn't do that with my other three kids, whom I also adopted, one of them is living in the same house as Chris and the nanny, the other two with in Bowstone Castle with my husband.

    How can I get him to not hate me again? Just don't give him anymore gifts that he asks for? ( Though I can't try to improve the relastionship that way, since I have to give him a gift to change his view of me and whatnot )

    Also, I've looked at the glitches on here to see if it was listed and if there's a way to fix it, and could not find anything.

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    • I'd suggest trying things with Chris living at the castle if you can, see if that improves his disposition towards you. Otherwise, I'd say he's a brat who isn't grateful for being taken in lol. But maybe try seeing if anyone has encountered this at the Dead Hamster site.

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    • I would have to move my family then, since it says my family is full or something and two little kids can't live with two other little kids and an adult in a huge castle. But, I'll try it, and I'll check out the site

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    • Be sure to let us know what you discover! Also one other thing I thought of just now, what kind of upkeep do you have set for your household with Chris in it? I know sometimes that can effect the attitude of the children

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    • Alright, and I have it fairly high. About 400 gold I think, the same as the one I have for the Bowsertone Castle family. And wouldn't it make both of them act like that, instead of just one? *Tilts head a little bit* Because the other, I've forgotten his name, doesn't act like this. He asks for gifts, yeah, but I haven't been able to find it yet ( Where do you find Ragdolls.. I had one before, but I had sold it because I hadn't had any children )

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    • Ragdolls = Honest Omar's in Aurora.  P.S. Fire the nanny and let the brat go back to the Orphanage.

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    • Apparently it's happened to one other person, but they posted it like two or three months ago and no one has responded. I guess it's one of those glitches that doesn't go away? 

      • Huggles my babies*
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    • Well i my other profile(That i had no idea how to make a new 1, so i pressed New Game, -.-, Now i have a 4th profile, And i am playing on PC version.) I had a daughter With Elise, and I made her live in Bowerstone Market, so every time that i did a expresion to her the bar would go to the other End (She was in Love), but if i  went away(Walked out of the house and go in, for example) The bar would go where it was before i did any expresion to her. It only went  up if i stayed there one night, lol...

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    • XXxNightmarexXx wrote:
      Alright, and I have it fairly high. About 400 gold I think, the same as the one I have for the Bowsertone Castle family.

      Try setting it to 1000, and see if he gets happier.

      It is expenisve, but if it dosent work, set it back to 400. In what part of the game are you?

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    • L1ghtnin95 Just started playing fable III like 5 or 10 days ago, How much is it to adopt a Child? I'm going to be a single dad on this one. unlike on the second one. you have to be engaged to have any kids. :(

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