• So I am browsing and I notice in this link

    In the trivia for the Snowglobe Village it is suggested 

    • With Fable III lore in mind, the fate of Oakvale could very well be related to the threat of the Crawler. This connection can be made by Theresa's final comment that a world dominated by the Crawler would be one "Devoid of colour, devoid of life," which fits the description of the Snowglobe Village. This also explains the presence of the Shadows.

    Then there is The Shadow Court

    Also in the trivia is this: 

    • They are not to be confused with The Court, the group of beings from the Void.

    So could the Court and the Shadow court be related? The Shadow Judges being lesser beings than the Crawler and such, but still part of The Court.

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    • The Crawler is of no relation to the Court. As for the Shadow Judges, we can only speculate anything about them. The Crawler is born of the corruption that once plagued Scythe's soul. That trivia on the Snowglobe article shouldn't really be there, its made from speculation which isn't allowed. But anyway, as I said before, we can only really speculate about things like that as no true info has been revealed, besides the birth of the Crawler and such.

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    • I don't understand? It says here That the Crawler "was chief lieutenant to The Corruptor and a major figure in The Void, the same plane of existence that The Court hailed from." So he is from the same place as The Court, and he works for The Corruptor who is part of the court, but he is not? .-.

      Also I think it's The Corruptor who is born from Scythe/William Black. Or that's what it says here.

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    • The Corrupter is not part of the Court, just lives in the same place they came from. It'd be like saying I'm part of a local shops staff just because I come from the same place as them. And yes, the Corrupter comes from the corruption that was part of Scythe's soul, hence why I said that the Crawler, created by the Corrupter, was born from the corruption of Scythe's soul.

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