Cutlass Legendary-6202
Weapon Information
Type Cutlass
Damage 65
Base Value 54,000
Augmentations Fear Itself, Golden Touch, and Stoneskin
Acquisition Hall of the Dead
Rating 5stars

The Wreckager is a legendary weapon that shipped exclusively with the Limited Collector's Edition of Fable II. It is a cutlass that earns you gold every time you kill something with it, causes terror in people that see it, and increases resistance to scarring.

Description Edit

The augments in this weapon make you resistant to scarring, earn you gold for every kill, and cause all citizens who see it to cower in terror. Legend has it that this cutlass once belonged to Captain Dread himself, the most feared pirate in all of Albion.

How to AcquireEdit

The Wreckager is located in the Hall of the Dead. To reach the dungeon go to the Bloodstone Water Front. Go to the end of the pier with the ship captain on it, and the dive spot to access the dungeon will be located in the water directly in front of the pier.

Trivia Edit

Bugs Edit

  • There is a glitch that will sometimes occur in the standard edition of the game where The Wreckager will appear in a player's inventory for no apparent reason.


Gameplay Footage
Fable 2 The Wreckager

Fable 2 The Wreckager

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