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Disambiguous.png This article is about The Wellspring in Rookridge. For the Wellspring Cave in Oakfield, see Wellspring Cave. For the Well in Wraithmarsh, see The Well.

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The Wellspring
Cave in Rookridge
The Wellspring.png
Location Information
Related Quests Something Rotten
Enemies Bandits
Exits Rookridge

The Wellspring is a cave in Rookridge near the waterfall, and is the source of the underground stream supplying water to the Lucky Heather Tavern. In the quest Something Rotten, Joseph the Innkeeper will ask the Hero to travel here to find out why the water has gone rancid. During the quest A Bridge Too Far, the cave is full of bandits.

Upon reaching the bottom of the cave, the Hero discovers a "foul-smelling troll" which you have to defeat. The troll is the cause of the bad water.

The cave contains two chests (containing an Obsidian Java Potion and an Undiluted Will Potion) and four dig spots (Rusty Necklace, Beggar's Ring, Civil Ring, and Instant Java Potion).