Disambiguous This article is about The Well in Wraithmarsh. For the Wellspring in Rookridge, see The Wellspring.
The Well
Cave in Wraithmarsh
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Location Information
Related Quests Evil in Wraithmarsh
Enemies Hollow Men
NPCs Max and Sam
Exits Wraithmarsh

The Well is a small, winding cave in Wraithmarsh, accessible from a ladder behind the north-west building of the Drowned Farm. The cave is damp, with pools of water, and is reinforced with wooden beams. The area is also swarmed with hollow men, who have infested the well.

There are two treasure chests here; one containing a health potion; the other, 400 gold. The Hero visits this area during the Evil in Wraithmarsh quest in an attempt to find the troublesome duo, Max & Sam. After rescuing them from the hollow men, the two brothers reveal that they accidentally unleashed a banshee upon Bloodstone.

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