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The Vision
Type Main Quest
Preceding Retribution (Main Quest)
The Costume Party (Murgo Quest)
Succeeding The Colosseum (Quest)
Start Murgo, Bowerstone Market
End Murgo, Bowerstone Market
Reward Colosseum Model

The Vision is the final quest added in the See the Future Downloadable Content for Fable II. It is unlocked after completing The Costume Party quest and Retribution.


WARNING: This section or article may contain spoilers!

After defeating the Necromancer at the end of The Costume Party, and if you have also completed the main quest of Fable II, return to Murgo in Bowerstone Market to begin this quest. Upon arrival at Murgo's stall, he will give you a Spire Statue, which is the same Spire Lucien rebuilt and is currently being occupied by Theresa. Murgo isn't very pleased with what his "source" gave him, and is so frustrated, that he gives the player the statue for free.

To continue, activate the Spire Statue (It, just like the Skull and the Snowglobe, is located under the "Miscellaneous" section of your inventory). You will then be transported to a white room in the Spire, with a bridge leading up to Theresa. After approaching Theresa, the room will dim to a normal hue, revealing the same room the main quest ended in. Theresa revealed that the Spire has granted her the ability to see many futures. Theresa reveals that she will show the Hero one possible future. You will then be asked to take Theresa's hand, one last time.

The Hero has become much older, and is the King/Queen of Albion. The Future Hero has many soldiers, all of whom will die for Him/Her. Theresa will also mention that the Future Hero's men have fought and died in many wars in distant lands. Theresa reveals that the Citizens of Albion trust and depend on the future Hero's guidance. However, Theresa says that none of the Hero's Guards or Citizens are important. She reveals that the Hero's unborn child is destined for greatness. She reveals that the child will determine the fate of Albion, and the fate of "Aurora". You will then be teleported back to the Spire, where Theresa will tell you that she is always watching, then you will be teleported back to Bowerstone Market.

Upon returning, you will receive the full Royal Suit, the same clothing the Hero wore in the future, and the achievement The Visionary. You will also get a final gift from Murgo, a model of a colosseum.

Logbook Information[]

The time has come for you to see the future.

You have seen what lies ahead, but it will be years before you truly understand the significance of your vision.



Video of "The Vision" scene.


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