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The Veiled Path
Fable III Region of Aurora
The Veiled Path.jpg
Location Information
Related Quests The Prophetic Hermit
Enemies Sand Furies
Dark Minions
Exits Regions
Shifting Sands
The Enigma

The Veiled Path is one of the three major regions in Aurora in Fable III. It's fairly small and does not lead to any other regions. Sentinel statues are prominent throughout the region as well as broken pillars and sections of what appear to be ancient ruins. There is a smaller area, called The Enigma, that is accessible through a door near the bottom of the long staircase at the end of the trail. The door is on your right as you look towards the top.

The region is plagued by Sentinels, Dark Minions, and Sand Furies, even after The Crawler has been defeated.

There is also a massive gate at the end of the Veiled Path, but its origin and purpose are unknown. After completing the The Prophetic Hermit quest, upon approaching this gate the hermit can be seen in a small shelter to the left. If the Hero chooses to stay they can listen to the hermit's predictions for your future which is roughly describing things that you have already done.


In The Veiled Path there is a total of:


  • The official strategy guide states that the Veiled Path leads to the slopes of an ancient temple.
  • Gradius of the official Lionhead community and developer team had hinted at a possible future DLC regarding the large gate at the end of the Veiled Path, responding that, "Aurora is actually bigger than Albion if you look at the world map. And of course we haven't finished exploring all of it yet. There's a big old door in the Veiled Path. That's gotta lead somewhere.".LHF However, he later stated that the idea of using the door for a DLC was never implemented. "We put a few potential DLC hooks in F3 as we built the world. There was a thought we'd use the Veiled Path door, but we didn't." LHF
  • There is a locked door at the beginning of the Veiled Path, on the left and up a short incline. It can be interacted with, but there is currently no way to open it.

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