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Disambiguous.png This article is about the quest. For the DLC pack, see Traitor's Keep.

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The Traitor's Keep
Traitors Keep 07.jpg
Type Main Quest
Preceding Throne of Blood
Succeeding Like Clockwork
Start Ravenscar Keep
End Ravenscar Keep

The Traitor's Keep is the second quest in the Traitor's Keep DLC for Fable III. In this quest, the Hero must end the riot that has overtaken Ravenscar Keep.


Albion's "Most Secure" Prison[]

From the docks, follow Commander Milton up the hill to the main entrance of Ravenscar Keep. On the way, he will inform the Hero and Hobson about the nature of the prison, and tell them about General Turner. As you reach the top of the steps, you will hear an explosion; Hobson will panic and return to the ship, and Milton will rush ahead to find out what's going on. Once you arrive at the entrance, Lieutenant Cartwright will inform you that there is a riot and many guards have been killed. Commander Milton says that he knows another way in, and leads the Hero to another entrance.


Follow Commander Milton and enter the prison's lowest level, the Pit. He will lead you through the "electrical rehabilitation facility", and into the next block. When you reach the mortuary, some of the escaped prisoners will arrive from the opposite direction. Milton will say not to hold back, as they are ruthless killers, and will start fighting the prisoners. Continue onwards through the infirmary, now filled with dying prison guards. Enter the next cell block and help the remaining guards fight off the prisoners. Commander Milton then realizes that the assassin was only a distraction, sent to draw him and some guards away from the prison. Follow him to the upper level of the cell block, and he will then realise that the prisoners have broken into the armoury. Head over there and defeat them, and Milton will suggest that you now go to help the guards in the other cell block. Head to the railing, and he will jump down. Follow him if you like, or stay on the catwalk and shoot the rioters from above.

The Hero, Commander Milton and the guards finally defeat the prisoners and reach the maximum security wing. Here you must fight off one last wave of rioters before investigating the cells that keep Albion's most dangerous prisoners: General Turner, Professor Faraday and Witchcraft Mary. Lieutenant Felton informs the commander that the cells were empty and the guards were taken hostage. After this, Commander Milton surmises that General Turner orchestrated the riot as another diversion so that he and the other high security prisoners could escape. Milton then leads the Hero and Hobson to the Records Room, where they start to work out how to recapture the escaped prisoners.

Hobson elects to remain in the Records Room to study the information, while Commander Milton makes for the docks and starts to prepare to hunt down Professor Faraday.

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