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The Temptress
Journey Renders 02
Enemy Information
Type The Corrupted
Games Fable: The Journey
First Appearance Whitespire Mountains
Related Quests The Shattered Prism
"Don't you feel it, Seer? Don't you feel the corruption poisoning your soul, stripping you of all you are? Now you are truly blind. You have failed."
— The Temptress

The Temptress is an enemy in Fable: The Journey. A creature of the Void, Theresa revealed to Gabriel that the woman who became the Temptress was once an extremely beautiful agent of good before she met the Corruptor, who turned her to evil after poisoning her soul with promises of power and glory. Once corrupted, the Temptress became the Corruptor's bride and one of his chief lieutenants.


Arrival to AlbionEdit

Fifty years after the Hero of Brightwall defeated the Crawler, the Temptress was sent into Albion along with the Corruptor's other surviving lieutenant, the Devourer. While the Devourer was defeated quickly by the Dweller Gabriel, the Temptress bided her time, planning her method of attack.

Taking Action and DestructionEdit

The Temptress Attacking Gabriel

It is only when Gabriel crosses the River Ironwash over Sable's Crossing and heads to the Whitespire Mountains that the Temptress began to act. Supposedly kidnapping Gabriel's companion Betty, the Dweller gave chase until the Temptress lead Gabriel to the Enlightened temple known as The Shattered Prism, where Gabriel found Betty unharmed. Gabriel battled the Temptress after he gained the third Willstone from the Shattered Prism after it was revealed that Betty was, in fact, the Temptress all along. A great battle of wills ensued with Gabriel, and he was forced to fend off flying Harbingers that she sent after him. Using the new-found power of light from the Willstone of Sol in conjunction with his other powers, Gabriel was able to at last destroy the last of the Corruptor's minions. Once the Temptress has been defeated, Gabriel and Theresa are free to continue on to the Spire.


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