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The Temple of Shadows (book)
Type Book
Source Unknown
Base value 40 gold
Stars 1star

The Temple of Shadows is a book in Fable II. It tells the story of the Temple of Shadows after the destruction of the Chapel of Skorm.

Contents of BookEdit

The Cult of Shadows was established shortly after the dissolution of the Temple of Skorm. A group of especially wicked men, loyal to their own vicious nature rather than the god they had chosen to serve, went on a pilgrimage through Albion, seeking a new spiritual anchor to their malice. They found just that in the ruins of an Old Kingdom cathedral in Rookridge, where a dark presence had long dwelt. For the next two decades, the members of the Temple of Shadows were involved in foul deeds across the land, taking sacrificial victims into their underground chamber, and recruiting only the most evil and remorseless of people into their ranks. The Cult came to a sudden end on a winter's night, when the Shadow worshippers conducted a ritual that would cause the Ultimate Shadow to manifest itself physically in this world. But unable to control the vast powers they were unleashing, every member of the Temple perished in terrible agonies. It wasn't until hundreds of years later than a vile man by the name of Cornelius Grim restored the Temple. Finding recruits as malevolent as himself proved difficult however, and it is said that most current Shadow worshippers are nothing but upper-class twits for whom evil is merely a hobby.

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