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Disambiguous.png This article is about the initiation quest. For the location and the cult, see Temple of Shadows.
The Temple of Shadows
Type Side Quest
Preceding A Bridge Too Far
Succeeding Sacrificing to the Shadows
Start Rookridge - Temple of Shadows
End Rookridge - Temple of Shadows
Reward 35 Evil points

The Temple of Shadows is a side quest in Fable II. This quest becomes available after completing A Bridge Too Far. The Temple of Shadows itself is located in the region of Rookridge. You must complete this quest if you wish to join the Temple.



Gain entry to the Temple of Shadows.


When you approach the Temple of Shadows, you will meet Tarquin the Cultist on the steps of the temple. He will invite you to join and tell you what needs to be done. While he is talking, you will have the option of selecting an expression.

  • Pressing down on the D-pad will cause you to laugh maniacally at him and he takes this favourably.
  • If you don't select an expression, he will say something about you being the quiet type.

Should you accept, you will need to eat five Crunchy Chicks in front of the shadow-worshipper. He will give you the five chicks to eat.

Take your time and eat them one at a time to enjoy the cultist's commentary. Once completed, the gate will open and you will be directed to speak with the head of the temple. Head inside and down the stairs where you'll meet Cornelius Grim, who will grant you access to the inner sanctum and allow you to start sacrificing at the Wheel of Misfortune.

Moral Outcomes
  • 5 Evil for each Crunchy Chick.
  • 10 Evil extra for eating all five.


  • Behind the gate lie a silver key, a gargoyle and some chests. You will need to complete this quest to gain access to the Temple if you wish to find these items before going to The Spire. However, if you defend the Light in Oakfield, the gate will be open on returning from The Spire, allowing access to all treasures without the negative morality. The temple will be abandoned, but you may encounter a banshee, shadows and hollow men in the underground rooms.
  • Turning off Safety mode and shooting Tarquin earns you a massive morality loss, even though he's evil. Even worse, you can't kill him.

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