The Tattered Spire (book)
Fable 2 the Tattered Spire
Type Book
Source Unknown
Base value 160 gold
Stars 3stars

The Tattered Spire is a book in Fable II.

Contents of BookEdit

This rare book has the stain of time upon its pages. It tells us of the fall of the Old Kingdom, and what many scholars believe was the catalyst of its destruction: The Tattered Spire. It is the said that the construction of the Spire was ordered by the last Archon, and that it was to be a conduit for all the Will in the world. The power it would command would be so great, reality itself might be shaped by anyone who used it. On the day of its completion, the Archon entered the Spire, and the kingdom's subjects awaited what would be his first wish. Whatever that wish was, the outcome was a wave of energy so vast, it lay waste to the entire kingdom. Was this truly the Archon's wish? To erase a corrupt world so that a fresh one might rise in its place?

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